Legal Question - Why can't I put a 360 in an arcade cabinet and make money off it?

No I don’t have plans on doing it, I’m just curious where it became illegal to do so. I mean the games themselves will oftne say “for personal use only”, but if I buy a car and want to setup a taxi service, thats my right. What seperates me putting my Blitz 99 machine on display at a Mall, and using a N64 wired up for the same thing?

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it likely is due to Copyright laws between most forms of media being governed by one set of rules. Same as how you can’t buy a movie, then show it at your bar

I know of a couple arcades that do this actually, I didn’t think it was illegal. David stop doing fighting game stuff and get into GD!

Really? I’ve been to a few places that did that all the time

Well in that same vein, you go places that have - say cable playing a movie or something on a TV screen, and its never considerd an issue (to MY knowledge).

And again, what seperates having the Blitz arcade cabinet and a N64 playing Blitz. I spent more on the Blitz cabinet, but thats because of the actual COST of the machine, not ‘resale’ cost…

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Oh I agree. Like when u see sports bars show WWE or ufc ppv’s. Not supposed to, and good luck finding a cop who will charge u with copyright infringement without it either being obvious or being told to.

I believe PPV event prices to the bars are set by their provider. The bars are supposed to be charged based on their maximum occupancy. Same thing goes for NFL Sunday Ticket and programs like that. Thats the reson you dont see every bar doing these types of things and often charging a cover for PPV events.