Legacy Arcade Stick on PS4

Sorry if similar threads have been posted but I have been researching and cannot find a solution to my problem.

I played Tekken 6 and Tag 2 on the xbox 360 which I used to use a modded arcade stick, but I am now playing on a ps4.
I checked online to see if I could find a PCB board for the PS4 as I didn’t want to buy a whole new stick, and saw that PS3 arcade sticks should work with Tekken 7 in legacy mode.

So when looking for PCB’s i didn’t really want to spend about £50 on a PCB but I found this

Which works on the PS3 so I thought great, £6 and I can have my stick working on PS4, and researching online I saw some people had this working on the PS4.

I wired it up and it popped up with legacy controller detected pop up, but none of the buttons worked at all, not on the ps4 controller or the arcade stick, apart from the d-pad on the ps4, and it I pressed a random direction on the stick it sometimes registered as x or o which is very strange.

I tested the stick on my ps3 and PC and it works perfectly.

Any ideas why it wouldn’t work with the ps4?

Or are there any other cheap pcb boards I can buy that will actually work on tekken 7?

Thank you.

TLDR; zero delay encoder PCB works on ps3 but even though it’s recogised as a legacy controller on tekken 7 on ps4 it won’t recognise the buttons.

Hmm, I think with Tekken 7, you can play “officially licensed” ps3 arcadesticks. But not aftermarket. As in, I have a Hori hrap v3 kai , but the pcb is a ps360+ which is aftermarket. So it doesn’t work with T7 :confused:

But a brooks ps3/ps4 will :#

I was under the impression the ps360+ worked on tekken 7.

And isn’t the Brooks pcb like £50

so ps360 work on tekken7? no times out?

So I tried to read up on it, I could try to force it into ps3 mode and hope it doesn’t reset.

Yeah it’s about that much.

ahh i see, we have to push square button while pluging the stick right?

Yes. 1 punch = square. Hold it down as you plug in. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know if I do. :#

Edit: ok, so I tried it and it DOES work. I think you have to also have the DS4 plugged in also because if it turns off, I think it won’t work anymore. Don’t know for sure cause it hasn’t happened yet.

What happens if you press square when plugging in?

Yeah you definitely need the ds4 connected.

Also when you plug in the stick can you still use the ps4 controller to control the menu’s and in game too? as When i’ve plugged in my stick it will only detect the d-pad on my ds4.

It just pops up “legacy controller detected. Can’t use home or share buttons” , something like that.

Yeah the ds4 still works at the same time. I used it when in customization for a character. And swap back to the stick for gameplay.