LED lit push buttons

I’ve been working on a design/layout waiting for the money this weekend for my proto-type portable arcade. I’ve been looking at teh short term I.E. gettign the first model up in time for Final Round, and the long term the version I plan on trying to sell. I’ve been looking at some of the LED lit pushbuttons and they look ‘cool’, but I don’t have any experience hands on with them, do they disrupt play at all? Is it something that someone who does tourny level execution going to care about? I’ve only read one real review on them, and that was from some retro sight which focuses on older games - not fighters.

So are they oh kai? The cost difference would be huge which is why I’m trying to figure this out ahead of time, I might by some to test first, but the whole setup for an 8 button layout will run me 65 bux (ten buttons) - verses 18.50 with competition pushbuttons.

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well, I haven’t seen any that use competition style convex buttons, so tourney level players probably wouldn’t go for them.

Seimitsu makes clear-ish buttons that you can put lights under, but they aren’t quite as responsive in my experience, but i cant really explain why.

All of the pushbutton lightup kits I have seen use concave buttons. What I did as use buttons similar to the ones seen on http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/parts/push_button/33mm_Round_Push_Button_for_Microswitch_(Double_Color)_3471.html or on http://www.centsibleamusements.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=679 . Then I wired my own leds into them. Because I didnt want to worry about voltage issues over the PCB, I just wired my own power using something like http://www.pico-psu.net/ . Now, my needs and yours seem somewhat different, but this may be an option for you.

Yeah I was going to use an exteral PS - its a 4 player setup and I’d rather just do it right then steal it from various locations.

I like the flavor of those second buttons. Do they respond as well as typical competition ones? I’m trying to find a good blend between performance and ‘looks’.

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that took me a whole minute to read:

I’d go for the clear seimitsus and add in some LEDs.

They are a slightly less dense or less heavy plastic than the happ competitions, and they have a slightly more “springy” feel to them, but they are very responsive, especially since you would be using the same Cherry microswitch inside of it.