LED Circuit Questions

I’m planning on making a new stick with an edge lit front panel so I had a couple questions about the LED circuit I need to make. I’m using a wireless xbox controller so I was wondering if the 3.3v the controller puts out would be enough to light 6-8 leds without draining the battery(2 AA’s) quickly. I also don’t know what kind of red led to use,(radioshack has two types but there are thousands online) so any examples would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the advice.

First off
Wireless + LED Lights = bad idea

If you are running the Lights off the PCB’s batteries, expect short battery life.
Other option would be a 2nd battery just for the lights.

And why would you need a 3.3v converter, use a 300 to 10k ohm resistor per LED.

Also do not use Radio Shack LEDs. They are not that bright, and the bright ones are over priced.
If you can help it, don’t go to Radio shack’s website unless you can’t find the part else where or you need the part A.S.A.P. and you stopping by their local store.

Places to get quality LED products
http://www.sparkfun.com/ (
http://www.superbrightleds.com/ (head to the component LED tab selection)

Thanks for the advice. if i were to add a second battery for the LEDs, what kind of battery would you recommend? Just another couple AAs or a 9v?