Leave Britney Alone


:confused: @ gender

:rofl: Dude I couldn’t even watch the first 10 seconds of it. I was about to start crying from laughter. And was that a dude?

yeah, thats a dude

I stopped the vid after 4 seconds. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get an erection again. Please, a fair warning when you link to crap like that.

Ahahahaha! :rofl:

what a waste of a life


lol good shit
needed that laugh on a dead ass day at work

Wow. Warning signs, much?!?!?

Best thread EVER

I haven’t laughed in years!

watch the first one.

go to break.com
he threatens us all with death.

YES, it’s a he, but I get a serious “Buffalo Bill” Vibe goin on, like he’s moments away from tucking his garbage back, putting on some lipstick, and asking “Would you fuck me?”.

or, on myspace

shit is astounding. This queef goes by the name Chris Crocker.

use that as a myspace search, he really is frightening.

That video has possibly the most honours I’ve ever seen…


WTF. That dude is hardcore.

he’s hard something.


well that was Homolicious now wasnt it?

But damn that was funny…

Que ChinGados, No Seas Mamon:shake:


Dude’s an actor. Good at what he does…fucked up, though. So annoying.

talk about ambiguous gay.:rofl: