Least Combo-Intensive Character?

Hi everyone. Are all characters in Street Fighter x Tekken require combos to be good? Are there any characters that do not need to rely on combos to win? I am considering this game because you can team up with a friend. Thanks for your help and opinions.

It requires good spacing and footsies to be good with being able to combo the end result. Your typical zoners like Guile and Dhalsim don’t require much intensive combos. Same goes with Zangief, I think. All Tekken characters require knowledge of combos since most of their special moves are are actually combos.

Dhalsim, Sagat. Those two off the top of my head don’t require much combo useage.

Thanks, both of you.

I don’t really want to play zoners. I like aggressive characters like Hugo and Ibuki. Perhaps I’ll try Zangief. If not Zangief, I guess I’ll try learning a few combos.

Edit: I have another question. What are some characters who have combos that are easy to learn? Are Hugo’s combos easy?

Easy combo’s? Hmmmmmm Law, ummm Ryu, who else? Uhhhhhhhhh…I guess Nina?

Asuka’s combo (yes, she only has one!) is piss-easy to learn, leads to oki and does stupid damage. On the down-side the girl has no neutral game to speak of.

Hugo has one combo that u use. Cr mp xx lp clap cr mp xx lk lariat cr lk xx hp clap mk back breaker. I can show u all sorts of stuff with gief Hugo and ogre. All pretty easy. Gief doesn’t use combos. Lariat spd and boost combos.

Or to style on someone with Hugo. Cr mp xx lp clap cr mp xx ex lariat tag cancel (with partner) jump hp mp hp launcher then cr lk xx hp clap mk backbreaker.

Thanks Darkphyre. I like Asuka. I might use her and learn her combos.

And thanks Nsreeder. I might try Zangief then, if he doesn’t use combos. I like Hugo’s personality however and he’s fun to use. So I might take the time to learn Hugo’s combos. Thanks both of you.