Learning The First Lady

I’m not new to street fighter or fighting games, I played for sometime but only started taking fighting games seriously last year, trying to make a name for myself in the fighting game community. I’m eager to learn how to use Chun Li, i’ve done most of her trails, stuck on the one Hazanshu into Super. I used the controller up until earlier this year when I got an Arcade Stick, now i’m trying to learn her on stick which is twice as hard, anybody can give me tips on how to use her and getting better on stick? Maybe help me out on xbox live some day?

HSU to super thread: Hazanshu into Super, how?

The youtube embeds don’t seem to auto-work, but you can paste the letters in between the [media] tag after

www.youtube.com/watch?v=” and they should work.

Be sure to read the stickies and the “OS/Leg Loop thread” of Malvadisco as well.

god damn it

are we still on this bs about hzu into super and stupid leg loop?

i just found out how to do it, sorry it bothers you that some people need help with it, but i checked out the other forums for the past week without much help until somebody on xbox helped me last night, so if it bothers u that much then simply ignore the post sorry

lurk harder, you dont need to start a new thread, there´s more than enough info around here.