'Learning' Matches and crouch spammers

Hi all just recently joined shoryuken today. This is somewhat a two part thread so yeah.

I was wondering if any veterans would like to do some SSF4 endless matches with me and give me advice on how to improve and that kinda stuff. I live in Australia so if connection is a problems that’s okay. I play on LIVE.

I’m currently using Dudley and Sakura and I’m not that great with them.

Secondly anyone have any advice on how to fight people that crouch and spam lk/lp. It seems to be somewhat unblockable, especially once you’re in the corner.

Thanks in Advance.

So you use Dudley and don’t take advantage of his overheads?

Try more f+HK, then link that baby into Super!

never thought of doing that lol. yeah I’m newb at the game haha. Thanks for the advice

if they are spamming crouch tech, frame trap them I don’t know dudley very well personally but I know he has a ton of frame traps

Overhead won’t work vs crouch spammers because it has a good amount of startup, unless you time it to be meaty which is pretty difficult for beginners because they have to be familiar with the setups.

Check the Dudley forums, learn his meaty setups and specially his frame traps, because that’s the best way to deal with cr.short/jab spammers, it’s basically hitting several normals in a sequence that gives You the attacker frame advantage on block, so whenever they press buttons in the middle of your block strings, your next move will come out faster than theirs and beat them to get a counter hit, when you’re good at this, it will lead to huge counter hit combos that will make the opponent be afraid of pressing buttons = they’ll be open to throws & overheads.

with dudley press s.hp, if blocked do forward hp. If it hits it will hit counter hit link into s.lp s.hk ex machine gun blow. Dudley is the king of blowing up crouch techs.

if youre having a problem with people who constantly hit jabs/shorts then i would recommend learning about frame traps, and what moves have invincibility

often times, if you can get them to whiff a jab or two they will walk up, thats your opportunity to hit them with something as most scrubs think offense only. the very idea that walking forward can be punishable totally escapes their minds

also, if they have a tendency to jab spam on wakeup, why not abuse crossups?

Thanks for all the great advice, I’ll be sure try these out next time I run into another pesky crouch spammer.

Have you watched the [media=youtube]1_nS5Jj3pHY&feature=player_profilepage"[/media] youtube tutorial at all? That’s probably the best one made yet and will guide you through pretty much everything there is to know about Street Fighter :slight_smile:

There’s a lot to learn but he will give you a basic understanding of a lot of things that might otherwise go over your head. Good luck!