Learning Ibuki SFV..Difficult?

Hey whatsup guys, ive been playing the SF series for a while, but I havent really tried learning or getting serious into actually playing the game until SFV came out.

I main laura but i wanted to try something new, and with the release of Ibuki i said why not. After a few hours of trying her out, i soon realize how difficult (to me) she is to actually play. Unlike laura who i picked up very quickly, ibuki just doesnt seem to click with me but i really want to get better with her. I hit up practice mode a lot and go to rank matches (not very good though, im in 150k rank lool), in which the obvious case i lose. So i was just wondering if there is any way of “correctly” practicing and if grinding it out in ranked matches is a good way to train and practice a ibuki (or a new character in that sense).


Grind out whatever combo you want to be able to do in a real match and as soon as you get it out reliably in training mode, go play some online ranked and consciously try to land that combo.
That’s what helps me. I can do a combo millions of times in practice mode and get really good at it, but as soon as I enter a match, I am lost because suddenly I feel the pressure and realize that I don’t even know in what situations I should do the combo.

Taking it from a controlled environment, into a real match as fast as possible helps me personally. But everyone is different so you gotta find out what approach to learning works best for you.

Along with basic combos I would also learn her anti-airs.

This video should help with picking up her basics.

It helps to already be a veteran player when learning a character like Ibuki. She’s always had a large toolkit that’s not great for people who are still learning SF or haven’t been involved in it competitively for a long time. What makes things more challenging is that outside of her normals she changes up pretty drastically between different games. In SFV she now partly revolves around a kunai resource and a V Trigger bomb that will require a lot of crafting to perfect the options with. I mained her in 3rd Strike and played her on the side in IV, so I’m pretty familiar with what you have to do to make her work.

The one thing that’s similar between all Ibukis is that you’ll be using s.LP, s.MK and f+HK a lot. That’s the one constant between all the Ibukis in each game. Everything else gets pretty different between each game.

I just made a tech/tutorial section in the Ibuki thread. Check it out and learn some ninja.

Thanks all for your input and advice!

Ill be sure to check out your ibuki thread. I suppose i just have to keep practicing and playing other people as that would be the only way to really build any skill.

I think what trips people up about Ibuki is that you have to “think fast” when playing her. She has quite a number of different combo’s which lead into different mixups and you’ll need to be able to alternate through all that to keep the pressure on once you’re in.

I would advice you to hit the lab and just practice free styling from one mixup combo to the next, try and do it for as long as possible without dropping to make sure you’ve got the muscle memory down.