Learning Footsies : Good characters and tips

Hello everyone, i am in some serious training to learn footsies! im working on the elements on sonichurricane and practicing everyday. im a cody player but i think i would learn more effectively using a character that relies on footsies heavily. im thinking of learning Fei long. what characters do you think will help me learn footsies better and do you guys have any advice for the character or footsies in general?

chun will make you learn footsies since thats all she has (i assume sf4?)

I may be wrong but I think the best footsies players are always the charge ones like Chun li, Vega, Bison, guile, etc. whenever I watch any charge players they always play the tootsie game, or at least from what I have saw. Best to know each character reach and mobility since that very important in footsies.

Find a great spammable normal with your character. With Fei, that would be cr.mp.

Spam the crap out of it in footsies.

After you lose, consider specifically what you lost to. Can you beat it by using the same move? Do you have another move that would be better suited? Or is it just a timing issue? Do you have to stop using your original move altogether, or can you bully them back into letting you do it more?

Watch Mago play Fei in footsies and see what he’s doing. Why is he doing it? Does his opponent make an effort to stop Mago, or do they just decide not to challenge Mago’s options?

These questions may not have immediate results, but thinking about it in the right way is essential to understanding the strategy behind the game.