Learn Footsies to Make Your Ground Game Not Suck

Whoa, so that’s how the new SRK works, huh? That’s cool. Thank you sirs.

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This will probably take me years to implement all this shit, thanks for showing the way to higher play Maj :slight_smile:


Your hard work on these articles is appreciated!!!

I’ve been around SRK and SF for a very long time and I still find these to be useful!


One of the most informative articles I’ve ever read on this site.

That’s very interesting, nice job!

Amazing article. It improved my footsies a lot. thanks maj.

I always thought footsies meant "spam the shit out of c.mk"
who knew?

lol, you’re so mean.

Also, these articles helped me a whole bunch as a player. Especially the sweep one. I was trying to figure out why people were so good at baiting that shit from me, cuz it fucks me up so much. Its so elusive, but it works so well.

Here’s the next chapter in the series. Since we’ve already covered numerous ways to control the game from just outside your opponent’s poke range, this part explores a few tactics you can use when you find yourself right next to someone.

Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 6

Hopefully Element 18 is clear now you have a sense of how footsies ought to be played. Obviously you’re not supposed to guess uppercuts left and right. But if you know what’s coming, there’s no reason not to let them know how predictable they’re being once every few rounds or so. Also this article gave me an excuse to talk about the concept of “tactics” versus “gimmicks” which i’ve been meaning to discuss for a while now. Hopefully you guys find some of these pointers useful.

You rule Maj. Capcom should hire you to write their strategy guides.

I was wondering if any Dhalsim players much better than myself could point out any tactics with regards to footsies, as our normals are quite different from most other characters. Specific examples would be great. Some of the stuff I might be doing without actually knowing that it’s regarded as footsie play.

I’ve found that after a st.mk hit people love to like, jump or try to hit you or something so you can usually get away with pressing it again (I once hit 5 on the run). With Sim you really want to to be poking at them at all times, hp, mp, lk, mk. Against some players you’ll find that as you keep them out with all your long range normals they’ll start throwing out reversals (random SRKs and the like) I think that kinda ties in with footsies, almost like mindfucking your opp into whiffing a normal, but on a larger scale.

I think the only difference between Sims footsies and other peoples is that Sim can do it from almost full screen.

Very good stuff. Some of the newer players should definately take a look through this. Very informative and whilst I don’t expect these articles to make a scrub into a pro, it will plant that seed of “Hey, maybe there’s more to this than d+RH and DPMFP?”. That’s the first step to future greatness. There should be more stuff like this.

Dhalsim’s problem is his walk speed sucks and all of his normals are slow. His biggest advantage is range. So usually you want to be far away from them where you’re way more effective than they are. So in most matchups Dhalsim doesn’t have a great reason to walk into footsies range. Though if you’re there, the one cool thing you can do is use MK drills like divekicks to counter low kicks. Depends on the game though. It doesn’t work so well in SF4 cuz drills recover way too slowly.

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very nice as always maj

Terrific articles, Maj. These are helping me a lot, and I’m sharing them with my friends who are either newer to SF or just need to step their game up.

Maj, if we lived in Gotham City, Batman would have you on his team.

can you teach me how to play footsies with a girl?

TY for this awesome post and the time put forth to find the examples. They really have helped a lot. <3 guy love… …

I started doing a lot better in my problem matches when I finally made spacing my #1 priority in the match.

Lately my motto is: Spacing is EVERYTHING.