[Leaked art...] SSFIITHDR sprites leak onto the net... - Thread

capcom’s blog post: http://blog.capcom.com/archives/544

link to the zip file (provided by capcom): http://static.capcom.com/SSF2HD/SSF2HDRemix.zip


You crazy bunch will find use for them. TIME FOR NEW AVATARS, FOLKS.

you can also discuss the WIP sprites here.

wow getting em now thanx lol at fei long :rofl:

Let’s get them Cammy sprites up in here! :woo:

This is the funniest, its like he is saying “lifes to much, time to end it now… and i’ve run out of rope” :rofl:

Hahaha! Dude, is that Bison one for real? Shit, if it is thats some funny shit! :lol:

Anyone else think of the Street Fighter cartoon when they see that Bison? :lol:

He he he. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:

WoW that dictator pic is so funny!!

it’s such a silly pose haha :looney:

I really hope bison doesnt end up looking that for real.

Gief looked prett awesome imo. Sim too.

guile and Akuma look fucking goofy so far.

also, lip through the pics in sequence like a flip book. gives you a good idea how it will look in motion. Cammy looks the best.

Then again, they do have 26 frames for her.