LCD TV image blurring question (52" Sony Bravia kdl52xbr4)

Hey guys,

I’ve recently been considering purchasing an HD TV for movies and such. I’m aware of the whole upscaling lag issue on them for games, so I’d still keep my CRT TV elsewhere for fighting games and such. Last week I spent a little time at the local Best Buy and was particularly interested in the 52 Sony Bravia kdl52xbr4. From the displays I watched the TV looked basically on par with the nearby plasma TV’s.

The LCD TV has a few benefits that make me lean towards buying it over plasma. Mainly less power usage and no glare. The glare is probably the main concern due to the layout of my apartment.

The only real concern I have is I keep hearing about LCD TV’s blurring during fast motion scenes. Is this still really an issue? I keep reading about the TV eliminating this with it’s 120hz refresh rate…

Every time I talk about the differences of LCD and Plasma, I basically always hear “oh, that’s not a problem with the newer ones” for both sides, so I’m having a difficult time getting accurate info. So my question is, if I were to purchase this TV would I see any of this image blurring during fast scenes, or is that a thing of the past due to the faster refresh?

Any other info on this TV would be appreciated too.


it really isnt much of an issue anymore. lcds made in the past year or 2 have a minimum 8ms response time. making the “ghosting” effect extremely minimal, if even visible at all. its all dependant pretty much on response time, lower the number, the less ghosting.

the technology is at a point now where the subject at hand is basically a non-issue