Last Boss in SF4

Thought I would make a thread to see whom people would like to see as the last boss in Street Fighter 4 (if such a game is ever made).

Personal Idea: Evil Rose
Background: After Rose was infected with the evil of M.Bison (Vega) in SFA3, she went into hiding, training in numerous evil and deadly arts. After hearing that her former master had been totally destroyed, she knew that her time to return was drawing to close. One of her former masters’ training partner, Gill, had already held another tournament to find someone to take down Rose’s evil power when she returned. This meant her return had to be delayed. So, she decided to plan her return more carefully. Knowing that Gill’s brother, Urien, was less aware of the malice Rose could commit, she seduced him and had him kill his own brother in an explosion at his house. Urien also trained with her former master but was easier to dispose of if necessary. With Gill out of the way, and Urien knowing no better, Rose decided to host another Street Fighter tournament. She did this partly in tribute to M.Bison (Vega), and partly to consolidate her potential enemies. However, there was someone there who she didn’t expect on seeing.
Fighters: Mostly new cast, Old cast includes - Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Guy, Cammy, Guile, Sagat, Alex, Akuma.
Winner: Guy - After his near death at the hands of a crazy Rose, Guy swore revenge. Having found her unconscious after her fight with M.Bison (Vega) at the end of SFA3, he tried to get her to a hospital, as she was hurt. Unexpectedly, however, she managed to gain enough energy to take down Guy till he was inches away from his life before the fight was stopped by an unknown fighter, causing Rose to flee. After waiting many years for this fight, Guy has learnt a whole host of new moves and has shed his boyhood naiveties. After beating Rose in the final fight of the Street Fighter tournament, he finally puts to rest the unease created by M.Bison (Vega) and the people he corrupted.

Feel free to post your own ideas. They don’t need to be anywhere near as detailed as this; I just had a bit of spare time so though might as well…

Mohammed Ali

I’d like to think video games have progressed so that we don’t need a linear story. I’d like to see the secret characters also be the personal boss of particular characters. For example, Akuma could be the boss for Ryu and Ken where as the boss for Chun li and Guile would be M. Bison. As for the specific characters and who those Bosses should be I’m not sure, But the evil Rose is a cool idea. All I know is that Sagat better be in SF4!

i got one, how bout twelve as the boss. After all in his ending it shows he formed a brian so then he goes to gill and x-copys himself into him, but now that twelve himself has a brian he is even able to copy gill’s supers, after killing gill( gill did ressurection but still lost and was ripped apart.) twelve x-copy into gill agian and pretends to be him so now he is the ruler of the empire. and hosts a new tourney to see all of the world’s best fighters so he can learn and copy there moves to become the ultimate killing machine.

Ryu. Seriously. Reaching Gouken-like status, he holds the tournament for the world to test its strength against him rather than Ryu testing his strength against the world as before. Mel Masters would be the young main character hero.

All i want is a card system for SF4, and i’ll be happy with whatever the fuck they make, unless it sucks REALLLLLLY bad.

Surprisingly, thats actualy pretty cool.

I like how the first poster wrote this. After beating Rose in the “final fight” of the Street Fighter tournament

With Guy being the main character, how could I resist? :lol:

Mohammed Ali

Boss Order for SF4-
Shin Akuma
Evil Ryu

Akuma- Since SF3:Third Strike, Akuma has been practicing for his fight against Ryu, learning new Dark Hadou attacks. Ryu, however, has also practiced, gaining new skills, as he goes along. Akuma slew Oro in one battle, during his story mode, and Ryu decides that it is time to end the life of his enemy. However, as Ryu feels he has to avenge Gouken and Gotetsu, he feeds into the Dark Hadou even more.
Winner- Ken, who helped Ryu defeat Akuma’s normal form with a double Hadouken.

Shin Akuma- Shin Akuma has his torso gi ripped all the way and he has white hair and bears almost no resemblance to the original Akuma in power. Shin Akuma and Ryu battle, as Ryu is helped by the voices of his ancestors, who are Ansatsuken warriors, because it seems Akuma knew about Ryu’s father, who left him and his mother, and she passed away. Shin Akuma breaks Ken’s right leg and he kills Sagat.
Winner- Ryu, who obliterated Akuma with a Super Hadouken, but Akuma knocks Ryu into a deep sleep, causing Ryu to battle his evil side in his mind.

Evil Ryu- Evil Ryu, in Ryu’s mind, is trying to control Ryu’s entire body, having all of his skills.
Winner- The good Ryu, who was fueled by his love for Chun Li and his hatred of evil. He eventually wakes up to see Chun Li, Sakura, Sean, and Ken, who are right beside him.

Gill- Gill is trying to counquer the world, having incredible power and wants to bring the world under his ‘divine rule.’ However, Ryu and his allies won’t stand for that.
Winner- Guile, who detonates the entire Illuminati base, as Gen fights Gill, allowing the others to get out.

M.Bison- It seemed that Gill wasn’t the only foe. M.Bison and Gill were both trying to conquer the world, as Ryu had to battle both Gill and Shadowlaw. After defeating Shadowlaw’s warriors, Ryu’s friends are captured in an orb of dark energy. M.Bison and Ryu are in the final battle, with no exceptions.
Winner- Ryu, who delivers a powerful Shoryuken, weakening Bison, then, a gigantic Hadouken, which destroys Bison and the Psycho Power completely.


All old characters, Ryukuma?

I don’t think so… they will have someone brand new without a doubt.

*Here’s DA GAME’s take on how Evil/Dark Rose should look.DG revamp this pic this weekend*

Like a super-buff Aeon Flux? :confused:

Agh. No!!

That would be a terrible idea.

Both these characters are dead.
I do however agree that “Dark” Ryu should be the final boss of SF4,
if there ever will be one. Even if Ryu was chosen as your playable
character, he could fight a “darker side” of himself as the final match.

Either that, or Sagat, who has been absent from SF3 because he
is still training to have his ultimate battle with Ryu (according to
the official Capcom story). It would be really interesting to see
Ryu & Sagat battle off one last time, sorta like a tribute to the original SF.

Bison being dead hasn’t stopped him before (A3 -> II), and it was never confirmed what happened to Rose. Hence either of the characters could come back, though I do doubt it.
Evil Ryu is an overdone character IMO. I’d like boss with a bit more dimention personally, though I guess if done well then it could work brilliantly.

I agree. Though I think people would be annoyed at whoever won. It would be difficult to keep everyone happy. It’s a fundamental point to the series, hence the execution has to be just right.

Mohammed Ali

In SFA3 they say that bison and rose both share the same soul. Therefore if rose is alive then so should be bison and vice versa.

I like the twelve idea. Kind of reminds me of the android character from justice league who wanted to keep on learning.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, two people like me idea:pleased:

Yeah your idea is cool but I was thinking wouldn’t it be a cool surprise for us street fighter fans. I mean the final boss will look like a totally new character that can learn peoples moves. Then during the ending of the game they reveal that he’s really twelve. That would be a cool shock ending to the street fighter community.