Las Cruces, New Mexico (anyone wanna play local?)

Hey everybody,

I am here in Las Cruces and am really wanting to try and start playing a wide variety of people locally so that next year I can hopefully participate in EVO. If there is anyone in the area that also wants to play and help eachother learn more about the game post here or PM. Thanks guys!

try the El Paso thread

Whoops, I guess I should check the southwest board more often rather than my subscriptions.

I’m living in Cruces right now if you ever want to get games in you can post up or whatever. What system do you play on?

I play on 360, but my TE plays both so I could use my stick on whatever.

Well if you ever wanna game just lemme know. I don’t have SFIV for PS3 but I also don’t have a 360 stick at the moment. I heard Target is selling it for 20 dollars now so I was probably going to do that this weekend so that wouldn’t be an issue but yeah, I’m usually free on weekends, just post up. I’m also on the El Paso and Albuquerque threads regularly as well and we have a lot more players in the EP area as well.

Hey guys, I don’t know if you know. But I’m holding a tournament down here in Albuquerque and would like to see Colorado down here. We already have a good amount of people pre-registered for SSF4.

Go and check out the thread on

DKO Presents: BAR FIGHTS Dec 4th - NVGA

If you wanna pre-register send me a PM or post in the “New Mexico, ABQ” thread