Lars Playlist: Combos, Matches. Contribute!

Sup everyone, I’m trying to get a compendium going for Lars videos, showing off great combos which you can learn from and high level matches. I’ve put a few videos in there so far, but if you find any videos for Lars that are pretty good post them here so I can add it to the playlist. =]

Playlist update with this awesome new video: (though it features alot more than just Lars)


lol! there’s little to nothing to this thread, I’ll post up some new technology I learned with a Lars/Jin team!

Made a new playlist for ver. 2013, and added just two new videos I made involving Lars stuff

I have some recording equipment as well and I really want to have a reason to use it. I’ll be off for the next 3 days so I’ll try to figure some stuff out as well.



New videos, and playlist updated.

lol I just posted this into the Pandora thread (since it’s got some Pandora combos), but I figured it would be applicable here in this thread as well >.>


Nothin’ too fancy here, but trying to maximize some of Lar’s damage/confirms.

Caaaaaaaaaaaaan you smell collab cause I think I can :3 When we got enough videos for the playlist I’m gonna make a collab. THE LARS ARMY. Actually, it may be sooner than that :wink:

Lars collab, huh?

Did’ja have something in mind/ideas already?

yep yep. When i get enough videos for the playlist (other than mine) then I’m gonna show the power of the Lars army =>

Smells like a combo collab to me :3c

There has been a few matches that yogaflame24 posted up of wolfkrone using Lars/jin

Playlist updated with new tutorial video


Jin Lars Combo Vid<br><br><br><br>Good practical damaging combos.<br>

Nice stuff! Any chance of inputs? My vision isn’t good enough to see. : /

That vid isn’t high quality… Which combo?

The post-launch at 1:00 and 1-meter tag at 1:10 please. Thanks!

Post launch:
cl.hp, silent entry LK, cl.hp, lightning screw Hk.
Tip: remember the cl.hp after silent entry LK is linked. The silent entry doesn’t use an ender.

1 meter tag:
… Median line destruction HP, (tag), j.hp, cl.hp, silent entry LK, cl.hp, lightning screw Hk
Tip: timing is crucial for Lars to continue this combo properly. When he is tagged in just hold up forward and do j.hp as soon as the last hit of median line destruction hits.



I just picked up SFxT last weekend and I’m loving it so far. I’ve been working my way through the character trials just to get a feel for each character’s moves, and Lars immediately appealed to me. So I’ve been trying to think about who to pair him with and this morning I decided on Nina, so Lars/Nina will be my first team in this game. I came on here to figure out some combos for Lars, and lo and behold, Aloci covered exactly what I’m looking for!

The only thing is, since I’m still so new at this game, I have no idea what buttons are being pressed. If Aloci or somebody else could provide the notations for this video, I would greatly appreciate it. As I mess around with the character more and get better at the game, I’ll share any combos I come up with.


I’m having a shitload of trouble with the first one. I’ve landed it like 5 out of 30 times do I really need to hit with lars at the absolute peak?
Seems kinda risky especially online.