Laptop to Television

I’m trying to find what I need to connect my laptop to a television set, and while I think I found what I need, I’m worried about lag since it will be used for fighting games.

Feel free to suggest other alternatives, however lag is definitely an issue. I don’t have S-Video, so that is out. VGA, USB, PCI, and ethernet are my available outputs.

Any suggestions?

I doubt you’re going to experience any lag with this. I’ve used a lot of different boxes like this for the video conversion and never had any lag. The quality might be kind of sucky though since it’s Standard Def. For fighting games it’s usually not a big deal, just don’t expect to read any 12pt fonts on the TV.

$10 seems steep for that audio connector. I usually buy cables like that for a few bucks at local electronic stores.

Since you’ve had experience with several of them, are there any specific ones you’d recommend? I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for a better quality picture.

Also I need this for evo so I’m in a little bit of a hurry so I can avoid paying twice as much just to get fast shipping.

I’ll check out some electronic stores for the audio cables then. Thanks for the tip.

Good choice, i was highly considering buying one of those so i could output my laptop image onto TV! I’ve been saving money though so i put it off, but one of these days I’m definitely getting that unit.

I like how its so compact and powered by a USB port. It is also pretty cheap compared to some of the other more expensive VGA-to-TV units out there.

couldnt you just simply get a vga to rca cord?

mad cheaper

That shit does NOT work, i bought one of those once from an electronics store to try it out and it did absolutely nothing.

I wish it were that simple to just buy an adapter like that and output to a tv, but VGA and typical TV signals are just too different. Must have some kind of device to make the signal conversion properly(although it mentions HD-TV, and i’ve only tried this on a normal TV).

Thanks for the info. I’ll likely order the one I linked to later today.

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