Laptop help

My mom’s laptop won’t charge. You stick the plug in and the light won’t come on. I think its the jack in hole in the back of the laptop. any way to fix this?

It may be broken power supply, I mean the stuff that looks like a brick. Does it have it’s own light, is it glowing?

Odds are the pin in the laptop has broken because someone jammed the plug into it while being careless. You can order the $5 part for a new jack and try to solder it back on, but if you’re not handy with a soldering iron, it probably won’t work.

That $5 part is attached to a $500+ motherboard which would have to be replaced if you took it to CompUSA or Best Buy.

You can test this by taking a pen or something similar and trying to wiggle the pin in the jack. If it is loose at all, that is your problem.

If your power brick is bad, you can buy a third party one at any computer store for less than $100.

The pin is good. How can I test the power adapter? it doesn’t have a light just the laptop.

…what brand/model is the lappy?

its a gateway


time to buy a new one; you’ve been owned literally. Don’t be surprised when best/circuit/frys informs you that it’s time to get your mobo replaced because that is the end result. I’ve seen so many customers go on & on regarding alternatives and don’t get me wrong there is however you are led back to the beginning of your problem. Soldering is useless (<-- alternative)
oh well this is not uncommon to me as I’ve seen it almost every day while @ chumpusa
time to invest in a mac. Tis nice being a tech