Lancaster tourney #R blah blah

might as well post them…

1st ID - eddie, sol
2nd Cblue - jam
3rd shift - dizzy, johnny
4th jo… or hazega kaze something bla blah - johnny
5th Dr Stormlocke - robo ky
5th Def1n1tley - millia

sorry dunno the rest

gg to everyone…

good shit jo… u played well yesterday… but yeah… i spit at ur lucky blocking skills

gg to the doctor… your robo ky is a monster. and hella annoying… a big f u to the missile bs… i got lucky too

a big F U to ID and the eddie gayness…
CBlue… seriously dude… those were some nice kicks u had…but yea… f jam

to professor TDO… expert in Chinese history… gg… those were some nice casuals… but still… f the slayer gayness… thnx for beating the doctor for me too…

shift… good shit w/ dizzy… keep practicing w/ her… she has mad potential to be a hella stupid character…

nocturnal… thnx again dude… lancaster is a fuckin moses journey… but seriously dude… i think u should cut down your brothers sugar consumption or something… tranquilers couldnt hold that kid down

everyone else… gg… ill make it a point to get a lot of sleep and not get wasted the night before a tourney…

Jaime certainly took his time with the whole postin’ this stuff. I dunno what other results would be other than the ones you posted. Round robin is kinda weird, but gotta get used to it.

GG’s to everyone yesterday and thanks a lot for letting us use your place to throw down, Jaime. It was pretty hot in there when your brother closed the door. D:

ID/ChaoticBlue: Thanks a lot for the casuals. It was fun playing with you two guys, even though I never really got a chance to play you both before at the previous tournaments we’ve attended. It was a lot of fun playing your Eddie, ID. Thanks CBlue for those Johnny mirror matches. I really need to work on some more of my Johnny on Johnny stuff. It was mad fun and those Jam beat downs you gave me were really crazy. I’ll have to get you next time in a tourney, ID! Haha, j/k, but great games guys. Flying Johnny!

Stormlocke: Crazy set we played. I was so sure that I wasn’t going to beat you because of the way you were manhandling me over XBL. I thought you were going to see through all my holes and just punish accordingly. But I guess shit happens, huh. Really good games. Rush that shit down with the detonation super! I can’t believe you dusted me when I saw it coming, was blocking high, then blocked low. So scrubby. :frowning:

Ryuknightzephyr: Keep practicing that Anji. I swear, everytime I play Anji, I get 'Nam-esque flashbacks from playing selfscience at that Thousand Oaks tournament. I really have to find a way around that guy. It’s so weird how you were getting me so good, but I guess I was just indimidated by Anji’s guard points. Fun stuff.

Nocturnal: Haha nice Axl, man. That option select barely off the ground was nuts. I hit the ground before your air throw animation even began. Looked so crazy. I really have to play more of your Axl some time, it was fun. Seriously though, thanks a lot for letting us stay there and play. Sorry for being so late. :confused: It was my fault. I suck at directions and not driving.

TDO/shift: Haha, oh man, that lecture you were giving at Denny’s was so crazy. I couldn’t hear shit, but you were just going on and on about chinese history and stuff and it was just so crazy to hear you talk so much about it. Good games to you shift. Can’t believe I actually was able to handle your Johnny this time. Guess I was more prepared for it. Nice Dizzy, but I hope to be able to take her out next time. You just bring those FRC’s and I’ll choke you out with some mist. ;D Fun stuff, man. Good job on 3rd place.

Vormav: Gotta love that SEXY Dizzy. I’m sorry I had to go so beast on you, but I had to get to semi-finals, haha. It’s all good though, you just gotta get your ice spike FRC down. When that’ll happen, we will never know. Just practice it like you practice that Chipp. It’ll come like second nature after! Well, maybe. I dunno, I don’t play Dizzy. :confused: We gotta play again sometime.

Def1n1tely: Thanks for driving all the way there. We suck at making it on time for tournaments. They’re always being held back because of us. Haha. But yeah, thanks a lot for driving and actually finding your way back from me getting us lost. That was so shitty. My bad. :frowning: Pff, you know you loved that awesome blocking. I so read you like a book. :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, did that game work?

I’ll try to get the vids up as soon as I can. If there’s any vids no one wants up, just go ahead and let me know so I don’t put them up. I’ve gotta format my computer right now, so the vids should at least be up tomorrow. It really doesn’t take me that long to capture/encode them at all. See you guys and thanks a lot for hosting this Jaime!

Sorry for not posting them sooner I had some stuff I had to do, clean up etc after you all left. Here are the results, the last ones posted were a bit off:

1st ID (Sol, Eddie)
2ns Chaotic Blue (Jam, Johnny)
3rd Shift (Dizzy, Johnny)
4th Definitely (Millia)
4th Jo (Johnny)
5th Dr.Stormlocke (Robo Ky)
6th Pignutz (Eddie)
7th RyuKnightZephyr (Anji)
8th Nocturnal (Venom, Axl)
8th Purrin (May, Robo Ky)
8th TDO (Slayer)
9th Vormavprime (Dizzy, Chipp)
9th TCO (Slayer)
9th Bakablitz (Millia, Bridget)
9th RoboSol (Jam, Sol)
9th Relentless (Sol)
10th Equity (Testament)
10th Kuro (Anji)

Sorry for the whole mixup at this times tourney, with the whole round robin then going into brackets it got a bit messed up. I take full blame on that and will promise that it wont happen again. Besides all that it was still another great tourney and get together for some of SoCals finest. I want to thank ID and Chaotic Blue for helping out with the tourney brackets. Wanted to thank my good friend Master Giby for helping me run all the round robin pools and cleaning up. GGs to everyone a play in the tourney and also on the casuals. Also was suprised how many people liked playing MBR ha…I hope we can get some more of that next meet. Alright guys take care and keep playing.


haha, not bitter now are we? =d just kidding man, I hope you do know that when I say stupid shit I’m just fuckin around with ya… <3 we had some good games, but I think you and me both were slackin some, missin combos n such… (my infamous FRC missing with Johnny every time lol) your Millia really is insane man, the stuff I’ve seen you do blows my mind… I think we both get a little tense during actual tourney play though, as opposed to the veterans CB and ID… somethin I know I need to work on anyway… good games though, it’s always fun hangin with you, hope to see you again soon either at the May 21 tourney or just casuals sometime…

LOL, all of mine please? haha jk man, thanks a lot for doin the vid thing for us all, it’s always fun and helpful. I just hate how crappy I play in actual tourney matches, especially with Johnny lol =\ I was suckin with him again this time around…


I wouldn’t go quite that far just yet my friend… =P haha… at least till we play some more =D we were 3 out 5 you remember, so if you had beaten Dizzy I was ready to go back to the J… hehe… I dunno you may be right though, you’ve gotten so much better so fast dude, just like I toldja =D congrats… if I do end up droppin the J, you’ll have to take over and represent and make sure to always beat Render for me… heh… much <3 man

good games to everyone I played, and congrats to CB and ID once again. still can’t seem to catch up to you two… =d although those were some fun matches we had at the end CB… =D I’m gonna regret second guessing myself and not at least tryin to gold burst there at the end forever haha. you bastard. =D good games you guys…

props to everyone who showed up and gave it their all… this is how we’re all gonna get better guys, thanks to everyone for comin out and makin it a great tourney… gettin good exp against different chars is always helpful, and every time I can see the improvements in myself and in everyone I play… freakin Purrin haha, that Robo Ky is comin up man! those were some nice May dolphin ridin combos you were pullin too… Stormlocke we gotta play next time, I’m hearing scary things about you =D Pigz, your Eddie is sweet dude, I really wanna play him but I dunno if I’m ready to put in the required work haha… Robosol, always improving man, both your Jam and Sol are looking great, keep it up… RyuKnight, I don’t think we got to play this time around, but from what I can see your Anji is still goin strong. Next time man! =] Kuro, dunno if we played much either, but I hope you’re still using Testament… he’s cool and never gets much love from anyone… =\ hope to make it to your tourney the 21st! Vormav! we must battle it out for Dizzy Domination! haha, next time dude, let’s see if we can both get the Ice FRC down… we’ll rock em all! BBlitz, that was some good Bridget stuff you were pulling man. I think you and I both suffer from the same problem however, that is, playing lots of characters and not really having a primary focus. I’ve seen you play so many different chars, but I think if you just chose one and played him/her to death it would improve your game immensely. Knowing technical details for characters is fine, but the best thing in the world is real gameplay experience with your char of choice, i.e. knowing matchups, what to do in situations, etc. And I mean not just knowing in your head the matchups and stuff, but actually playing them over and over with a certain char till you have him/her down pat. The stuff I saw you do with Bridget was really good, I’d say try to narrow it at least to your two favs or somethin and just work on them… I dunno I hope I’m not being pretentious here giving all this advice, it’s just I feel like I kinda have the same problem. I think for now I’ll try to stick to Dizzy and Johnny, and see what happens with this new “Slash” relase, if it’s real of course. Anyway keep it up man, and just try not to take things too hard. It should be fun, and if it’s not, well, what’s the point, ya know? Keep it up, see ya at the next one.

And, of course, big thanks to Nocturnal for throwing another great tourney. And also Giby for runnin brackets and just helpin everything go smoothly. Thanks a lot you guys, it was a lot of fun. Sorry we couldn’t stick around a bit longer, and help out with the clean up some, but it was already gettin late and me n TDO are gonna flunk our classes haha. =]

Wow, that turned out to be a lot longer than I planned lol… Hope I didn’t forget anyone, if so my apologies… Good games everyone, hope to see all you guys again soon… Till next time,


GG’s to everyone. Despite some of the problems later on, I enjoyed playing round robin style.

Shoutouts and Stuff:

Noc: If you strap a megaphone to your little brother, I believe he would become a weapon of such magnitude, that the earth would collapse upon itself in sheer horror. Sanctions from many countries would follow suit. Thanks for hosting! :tup:

Jo: Good games. Just wait till #Reload Slash, I will be able to mass produce knee rockets!

Purrin: …speaking of knee rockets, I hate you. Team Pink 'N Green represent! I will come up with a better MBR combo than your current awesome one.

Pig: Shadow Gallery, 100% damage combo on Robo, let’s see it next time. GG’s.

Kuro: I am scared of anji. =( GG’s.

TDO: Robots do not like going to space. At least that is what the grapevine whispers to me. GG’s.

Def1n1tely: GG’s as always. You are always mixing me up despite Robo’s broken delayed get up.

Shift: Stick with Dizzy man, good stuff. Screw combos, just airthrow that shit down!

Vormav: The destroyer of 3 person teams. :sad:

Everyone else I might be forgetting I had a blast, and I’ll see all of you later.

GG to everyone i played, even though i was sucking it up pretty badly i still had a good time, wish i coulda gotten in some more games with CB and ID, but shift was barking at me everytime i approached for a match ^^;;

Josh: good stuff man, that millia is all over my ass, if i can just get you to stop moving your ass is mine tho! >=D also, Venom is a pany ass bitch >=(

Purrin: great stuff man, you got that May shit down, i dont know what i can do against that meaty kick on wake up :frowning: i need more games so i can figure something about against her ;__;

The Doc.: come on buddy, you know Robot’s love space :> robot’s also love invince bites :smiley: good robo-ky man, once that super starts your rush down get’s crazy fast! didnt think i could hold it down.

Kuro: Of everyone i played, i am most impressed with you, your growth with Anji since the last tourney has been INCREDIBLE, keep it up, you’ll be up there in no time!

Vormav: come on buddy, get that Dizzy stuff down! ditch the Chipp and go Dizzy full time, show shift what’s up with Dizzy! and tell that TCO guy to stop “admiring” me… it’s fucking weird…

and to CB and ID… Next time i’ll have fucking charms that make me impervious to combos! fuckers, remember the Boxers!

Good shit, everyone! It’s too bad I couldn’t make it to this one, but I’ll definitely try to make it to the next #R tourney. Not because I wanna play #R, but because I’m hungry, and Jo is gonna feed me next time. :rofl: Just kidding, man.

Josh, you can win the next tourney as long as you are the designated driver the night before! I promise. :rofl:

haha, that’s what I’m talkin about! CB, you should be ashamed of yourself for letting me get that far, I don’t even play Dizzy fool! hehe =d jk man, that was fun, though I did keep wishing during the matches that I could do something else besides keep going for air throws over and over haha… I need that crazy ass corner bubble lockdown =D next time baby…

man what’re you talkin about, I thought we went over this already, I told ya you had the wrong idea… =d I was hoping you would come over and play, and couldn’t figure out why you weren’t… I think you were just scared… =D of me of course, not CB or ID… punk. haha


Great tournament guys, As always the casuals are the may attraction for me as well as all the cool people! Nice to see you all again, as for all you that didn’t show up…pssshh Hope ya had good excuses.

ID: Your Sol is too good =( Despite my constant fighting against him cause Robo and Relentless play him and despite how many times Ive seen VV and his set ups I still cannot deal worth a shit against yours…Nice Tournament match. For just a second I thought I stood a chance =(

Shift: Yah man Dizzy rocks we BOTH know it, shes your character man give up on that Johnny and give up on Eddie, Venom and whoever else! They can be your fun secondaries! Dizzy is your main!

JO: Fucking Japanesse beasting me dood your too crazy. In casuals we played before tournament I did alright vs you then when I saw you in my bracket with ID I was thinking well hell we can’t beat ID despite were Run Killers! So I thought I had a chance, Fuck I think I did better vs ID then you. What a mistake to use chipp first round but next time it wont be!

Dr.Stormlocke: The uber Robo, with the explodee special…Yeah your tough dude and Im glad I got more casuals this time around and hell yeah. Team V.O.R.M.A.V owned the three of you =)

Pignutz: Yanno everytime I fought you I would start to rush down then I saw that monster come out and my old newbie runaway tactics came back out. Its like a fall back instinct dude lol. I will try to break myself of the habit but we have no eddie plays here so I dunno.

Nocturnal: Great tournament man as always, was fun and nice job beatting me in the round robin hell I think you’ve learned to handle my Dizzy. Those pool balls hurt real bad.

Purrin: I fear nothing more then sea creatures, Dolphins scare the shit outta me unless Im chipp then I can spam priority over them. Im gonna get my Chipp uber to handle your May! Good Casuals!

TDO: Ugh take it easy man it was only casuals, no need to rape my Chipp so hard holy hell. Good matches and maybe your right maybe I should just stick with Dizzy.

Bakablitz: Great games man, between casuals and Smash it was fun. Im glad to see some people have an interest in smash other then the people who have been hardcore since the game came out. Its all mind games really! Just work on the speed and techique. L canceling should be learned after you master the basics…oh and be mean and shine people off the edge. Oh and yeah I DO get a sadistic pleasure using Beta Blade and unsafe moves with Chipp! Always Fun!

Kuro: Its ALL about techique and knowing your matchups with Shiek! Also your link man you gotta learn how to fight situations! Though Ive never been beaten by a Link I think I forgot to tell you that. I know how to fight Link too well so yeah. Oh and remember if ya fight Kirby don’t use Shiek heh. Good matches and yeah your Anji has improved. Represent Rank G with Chipp. See your at the Huntington Beach tournament.

maan, what’re you talkin about Vormav? more like TOP TIER OWNAGE. listen to your instincts my friend. gotta get away from that shit. Dizzy run away tactics for life! =D

You hear that, Jo? Let’s rise to the top and show this jerk how Johnny’s really supposed to be played. :badboy:

Good stuff, guys. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I’ll be at all the next ones.

Better be Render you can easily tell something was missing from the tournament man!

Yeah perhaps your right shift! But I must find a balance between runaway and rush down =)

No kidding, fuckin dizzy is a monster. Jam cannot fight dizzy I know that for sure… Well… just not your dizzy. Fuckin anti-airthrow tactics dont work on her at all. Like her airthrow box is fuckin huge. sigh Either way its time for me to stop playing jam and start cultivating johnny. I didn’t want to since so many people play johnny already but… fuck, I need his ground game against that…

Chaotic Blue

haha, oh no, my worst fears have been realized! lol… somehow I was wondering if you were gonna start taking him more seriously, especially since it sounds like he’s gonna be more of a contender now in the rumored #R/Slash… bastard, now there’s gonna be like 4 of us to fight over him haha… it’s all good though, I’ll just have to keep you fools in check… hehe <3 although I’m not sure why you think Johnny is gonna be able to handle Dizzy, cuz at far as #R goes I would imagine she’d rock him for free… every time I play render anyway he can’t even get in close enough to do anything cuz he’s spendin all his time dodgin projectiles and what not… or maybe he just sucks… =D haha jk render you know I love you… hm well this should be interesting though… #R/ could be pretty cool…


shift - <3^max

CB - How about you leave Johnny to the professionals? haha, nah I’m just kiddin’ man. Frickin’ hell though, now I have to really step up my game if I wanna stay ahead with Johnny. I can’t last for long with just combos.

I can’t wait for the next tournament to see everyone again and to get myself owned once more. Especially now since all my practice time is being spent on MBR instead of #R :sweat:

MBR just friggin owns!! Thank you Nocturnal!


that’s all vids that got uploaded to me except one that has been removed upon request.

sweet thanks a lot Jo/TDO… XD

note to self: do not try to ground throw Jam… =
also, learn the goddamn spike FRC, and any high/low mixup or tricky setup whatsoever… lol :sweat:

Semifinals 6 - shift (JO, DI) vs Jo (JO) 3:09

goddamnit I can’t believe I messed that shit up… lol… I remember that too haha… gr… damn you Jo, you and your crazy flying Johnny! I’m gonna start callin you the Red Baron. <3 you’re gettin too good mister =d I’m gonna hook you and render up to a brain transfer machine and steal your powers of execution… lol.


At least you didn’t whiff the easiest dust combo in the game…twice.