LAN/Ethernet Adapter problem

Well I was trying to hook up my ps3 to my laptop but for some dumb reason it doesn’t hook up through internet, so after I went through many forums, i came upon one website that looked promising but after doing the little tutorial the guy said to do, now whenever my computer has my ps3 cable in it turns on and off (like from no connection to enabled, indentifying, then back to no connection). Is there anyway to fix my problems :mad:

Why would you hook a PS3 to a laptop for internet? The PS3 itself has built in Wifi, and if you dont have a wireless router, just LAN it right into the modem like your laptop is.

Couple of questions…

What are you trying to do? Get internet to your PS3 or laptop?

Is your laptop connected to a wireless signal or a wired connection?

Which PS3 do you have?

What OS are you running on your laptop?

What kind of internet are you connecting too? (Cable, DSL, Aircard/Cellphone, Your Neighbors WiFi?)

Lets start there and I will see if I can help.

that’s what i did do (the LAN through the computer using ICS to share a connection with another connection), its not working, i need the lan through the computer so i can use my usb modem, since i dont have cable because of were i live. i have connected through other computers just not this new laptop.

@punkpc: ps3 through the connection of my laptop, wired through a cat5 ethernet, fat ps3, win7, and usb modem. I have connected through the same setup through different computers and even in the same room, with the same OS, PS3, Modem and cable. its something with the LAN connector

How is your laptop connected to the internet? Just connect the PS3 the same way.

you cant use a usb on a ps3

But if you’re wiring computers with CAT5 ethrenet, why cant you do the same? Or use wifi? You still havent answered these questions.

usb modem that is

thats what i have been saying this whole time. i wire the ps3 to the pc via cat5 cable so i can use the pc’s connection on my ps3.

Can you not directly wire the ethrenet to the actual modem which provides internet for your house hold? It’s unheard of to wire a PS3 to a laptop trying to share the connection.

have you tried this…

  1. Connect your laptop to the modem and verify that you have an Internet connection. Then, click on Start, go to settings, control panel. Double click on Network Connections, and identify the connection to your modem.

  2. Right click on the modem connection, and choose properties. Next, click on the Sharing tab, and check the ?allow other users to connect?? checkbox. After the checkbox is checked, click on the ?Home networking connection? drop down box and select the name of the second network connection. Click OK and exit.

  3. Finally, connect the CAT5 cable from the network port of the laptop to the PS3, your Internet connection should now routed to your PS3.

In the long run, a router may be a much better option to use than your laptop.

Let me know if that works

@AoBfrost: MY ONLY MEANS OF INTERNET ARE THROUGH THE USB MODEM! I cant just simply put the usb modem into one of the usb slots and hope to get a connection. And no actually it is not unheard of, thats how i do it and some other people do it. Check youtube if you dont believe me.

@pcpunk: that’s what i have done. maybe i should invest in a usb to lan adapter

When you say USB modem, you’re not being clear at all what type of modem it is. Is it a 3G usb modem from a wireless carrier? The term USB modem can mean several different types of devices, so it’s impossible for you to just expect us to all understand what you’re wanting to do.

If it is a modem from a wireless carrier, you need to just forget about it and invest in home internet connection for better reliability while gaming. The speeds you’ll get after going through the laptop wont be that great or amazing.

Very true if that is what he is doing…

When you say “since i don’t have cable because of were i live”

do you mean Cable internet or you can’t run cables cause your in a apartment or something.

Cause Like AoBfrost said… if your not using some kind of land like (Cable, DSL, something like that) your out of luck.

If you get you internet from a wireless/Cellphone provider then your best is to see if they offer a wireless mobile hot spot.

Like this… Verizon Wireless Fivespot? Global Ready? 3G Mobile Hotspot

Now that is not going to be fast enough to play games online correctly. You could do downloads or something like that (at best), but that would be about it.

this worked for me but you have to keep your firewall down for it to work after you change your settings:

Can you hook up Cricket Broadband USB modem to PS3 for online play? | Modems Info

lol the ps3 has wifi built in it already. use that to connect to the router.

A bit careless and troll-ish especially knowing he doesnt have any type of actual internet service besides a 3G wireless USB modem connected to his laptop.

Pretty much you’re out of luck. 3G speeds are so slow, after your laptop’s using some bandwith, and t he high speeds you need for gaming…it’ll lag, have connection issues, etc. If you can afford the extreme expenses of a wireless 3G modem, you can afford DSL or internet from the cable company. Otherwise, you’re out of luck, so it’s time to stop MacGyver’ing around.

You won’t be able to play games over a 3g connection anyway but… sounds like your problem is in your ethernet cable. The standard ethernet cable, which I’m assuming you’re using, is a patch cable and is used for networking devices through switches/hubs/routers. What you need for directly connecting 2 devices without anything in the middle is a crossover cable (click).