Laminating and turning an image into a sticker in Toronto, Canada?

I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to mod my Hori stick into something with Sanwa parts and I’ve got all the components. Also, in joystick modding tradition, I’ve created my own image for my joystick, now its a matter of laminating it and turning it into a sticker; but the thing is I don’t know WHERE to get this done?

I tried Fedex/Kinkos and they can laminate it, but not turn it into a sticker.
I don’t think staples does it either.

Anyone know where I can get this done? Or give me some links to a DiY that’ll be reliable and the image won’t end up peeling out?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

just glue it, or add a plexi

Tell them you want it printed on adhesive vinyl and laminated. Kinkos offers that service for like $11(USD) per square ft.

i just laminate and then use krylon adhesive spray

Or 3m spray or wide double sided tape.

If you use 3m’s permanent double sided tape that stuff is strong. Should work fine.

not all fedex/kinkos branches do it. you need to find one that does full 8x11 (A4) lami-label
if you are in Toronto, more specifically downtown financial district. the Fedex/Kinkos @ Bay & Adelaide does do them.

NOTE: you need to be implicit with them. you need to tell them what you want to do. don’t let them do it for you.

  1. tell them you want to lami-label something
  2. tell them to warm up the machine while you are getting the print ready
  3. print you design on 40-60lb stock paper, NO GLOSS and WHITE!!!
  4. put it in the lami-label slip
  5. get them to run it through the machine TWICE, and on the SLOWEST settings!

i did!


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