Laminate Printing Service for Artwork - Checking interest?

Hi All,

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day who owns a sticker printing business. He typically makes decals for cars, but has started to expand out into graphics for business and etc.

He was thinking about adding a new printer that would allow printing on actual sticker material. I mentioned the custom Joystick art that is done here, and wanted to see if people would be interested.

Basically you would be able to get decal cut to the shape of your top plate with whatever art you supplied printed on it. He is also looking into the possibility of printing on metallic colored stickers, so say you want a red chrome background with a drawing of Akuma printed on it, it maybe possible.

I’m just trying to get a rough idea if people would be interested in this service, and how much would you pay?

I would be interested in having a decal pre-cut so all I had to do was stick it on my stick and be done. I’d pay $20 shipped for something like that.

If the price is reasonable, I’m in.