Lamilabel Woes

So… this is my second stick with peeling art, happens after about 3 months or so. The long hours of play always seem to take a tole on my stick (MadCatz SE).

I searched around tech talk for a couple of days and from what I’ve seen, most people using non-plexi covered art choose lamilabel or get a print out from

I was hoping to find something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg as an alternative to OR tips to help preserve lamilabel. I noticed when I initially removed the stock artwork it was very meaty and rigid, a thick coating that kept the art safe, are there methods of doing this at home? or does anyone have tips on what to even ask around for?

I know a few print shops around town, but have 0 idea what I should tell them.

EDIT: Also, has anyone tried a clear coat? like an epoxy resin?

You want your art on heavy weight paper with some kind of laminate on top
or have your art printed on vinyl.

Contact spray glue, double sided tape or asking for adhesive backing are all ways to glue your art into place.

Blk Lighting is also developed a plexy for the Madcatz SE

I appreciate the response, i think i’ll try the thicker card stock first