Lami-Label Alternative Available In The UK

For many who don’t live in the US and are unable to go to a Kinko’s anymore, getting lami-label is damn tough.

But I emailed for a quote on a HRAP3 printout and they replied with this:

time flys by

I apologise if this was common knowledge, just trying to help out

I’m not from UK, but I do like this service.
Crystal Laminate is cool.

And they put it on vinyl sticker too.

40 pounds?!?!?! wow.

Seriously, might as well get the artwork printed at the U.S. and shipped overseas since it would probably be cheaper

What a hilarious overpriced offer…
It is super good stuff.

I have.
Really like the laminate they use.

I don’t know how much shipping will be to Europe.

wtf 40 notes next they will say the sticks not included

Blatant plug.

Guys is this lami labeling and vinyl etc only if you dont have a plexi? and is it better than using a plexi? I have a new metal plate and plexi on the way for my mod so am looking into artwork now but am not sure if i should just be getting normal paper/card as i have a plexi?

you can’t use plexi on a madcatz fight stick

what the hell happened with that bent plexi someone around here was working on, I need it to complete my Shmup stick


you trollin?

no sire, i’m not trolling how can you put a plexi on a fightstick if it has a slope at the end?