Lame HRAP 2 Modding question........what size MM diameter buttons are used?

hi Shoryuken team…im interested in Modding HRAP 2 , but not sure what MM diameter Sanwa push buttons i should use …ie for Start Select Triangle Square etc…30mm in diameter or 24mm in diameter…?..

any info is awesome


another lameo question…would a Sanwa Standard 35mm size ball top fits ’ JLF-TP-8YT and JLW-TM-8’ …fit on the HRAP 2 ?

its all pretty basic and simple math my dude

For the red buttons in your picture = 30mm Sanwa.
For the yellow buttons in your picture = 24mm Sanwa.
Triangular and Square buttons does not fit round holes:

And yes, 35mm sanwa balltop fits those Sanwa joysticks.

i guess its Sanwa OBSF-30 for the Triangle X Square Circle etc… and Sanwa OBSF-24 for the Start and Select buttons…i just want to double check with successful HRAP modders.

I think he meant the square and triangle buttons as in the names (function) of the buttons, not the shapes ;).

Oh, lol ^_^.

sorry guys for the lameo questions…double checking anything , learning about something before hand helps me alot…

TheRealNeoGeo …super info !..thanx man

im definitely setup now…TheRealNeoGeo has covered everything and then some in one swoop…thanx again…

howdy Rocaerix…im an Aussie too… from Melbourne.

yes ball tops fit anystick

please stop…doing…this…

the …s made me think he was from mexico or brazil haha