Lagless 50" and 42-47" TVs

Hey guys I am pretty new to the forums here. I know this is the place to come for information about fighting games and related tech so I wanted to ask you all a question. I am opening up a Video Game Bar/LAN Center and I am wanting to hold tournaments for various games. So I am looking for the best of the best when it comes to TVs. I need lagless or reduced lag 50" and 42-47" TVs and I was wanting your guys’ opinion on the matter. I have been trying to do my research on all this and check tons of sites and forum posts, but the information kind of jumbles together. I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

There’s a thread for that just a few threads down:

You’ll want to invest in monitors over TVs for display to keep the lag down. If you need something really big (over 27"), go for the Sony W850B TV or a projector display for extra large displays (like 100" or more).

Thanks for all your help guys I really appreciate it. That website is seriously awesome haha.