Lag Switches

lag switches, how common are they?

ive seen several times some very odd lag. the game will be fine for a match or two with the same person and then all of sudden the last twenty seconds or so of a tight round i’ll apparently forget how to jump over fireballs or block a jump in.
Then the next game it will be fine again until i win the first round. it seems a lot different than the normal people joining and leaving a room lag. more subtle. it will also happen with just one person out of an otherwise fine room. maybe im just making excuses in my head but i really dont think so. i never think a person has a turbo(or really care for that matter, i can piano pretty damn fast) or sent hate mail. but i have started to notice this with certain people. some of which are names known on this board.

same here, im not saying people are using a lag switch, but coming from a guy that used to love halo, i recognize it as a definite possibility.

It may seem like someone would go out of their way to purposely fudge their connection, but really it is almost always some sort of glitch in between your connection and your opponent (i.e. they are running torrents while playing, something you should never do). Remember, lag hurts both ways. Plus the technical know-how to do something like that intentionally is probably way above their computer savy.

Some things that could cause intermittent connections:

  1. massive downloading and uploading on ether side.
  2. Playing someone from a country that is far away or has shitty infrastructure (i.e. Mexico or Brazil). Basically if you live in the US, you’re typically only going to get good connections in North America.
  3. One side has router issues that they are not aware of.

Pinning down these erratic connections isn’t always easy, so if you have constant issues playing a particular person, chances are that’s the way its gonna be for awhile.

there are youtube video on how to make them. i havnt watched so i dont know about the technical know how needed, but they didnt seem too complicated. i know they are used in the FPS world…

and im not talking laggie games. im talking games that will be perfectly fine 2/3’s of the time just not when it comes to critical points in rounds/matches. although im not saying its a common occurrence. i’ve really only seen it a few times.

and since i play gief a lot it tends to hurt me more than the other guy.

Never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by incompetence.

yep, there probably are guys out there on HDR using lag switches, I’ve got suspicions on a few players that I’ve come across. Lag isnt always 2-way. With a lag switch you can delay your machines response to the server or vice verser, so for example, player A could do a fireball, but player B wont actually see it until its in his face. If you play a match thats got a low ping and then ity becomes laggy then a lag switch could be responsible, but there are many other possibilities too.

I’ve watched a few videos on lag switches on youtuve and they are incrdibly simple to make and setup…anybody could do it:


is there anyone here that can confirm lag switches actually work for the game? i’ve seen vids of what it can do to shooters, but not on sf. anyone here with a “friend” that has one who can verify the practical use of a lag switch in the game would be appreciated. just curious.

I dont actually know if it would work for SF, but in cod4 I know people who have claimed to use them, when they get face to face with somebody, they flip the switch on and then walk round the back of the person and knife them, to the other guy it appears as if the other person is still infront of them, and then all of a sudden they are knifed in the back.

Its possible that the same kind of thing could happen in a SF match, ie the delayed reaction times

I had to apologise to someone the other night (in fairness I was 2-0 up when it happened and he wasn’t going to make a comeback…) - my lady friend was upstairs on facebook and uploaded a shitload of photos. Game went to hell.

if their gamertag ends in _BR and they’re playing blanka

it’s probably gonna lag

I Lol’d.

I don’t put much stock in lag switches. I’ve had massive lag at critical points in the game. But I’ve also had massive lag when the person was already destroying me anyways.

Remember, Logic dictates that the simplest explenation for something is the most probable (or something like that). it’s simpler to just say that it’s just lag, rather than the person is using a lag switch to ‘tilt the pinball machine’ so to speak.

It’s soooo true. I’ve never had a good connection to someone in Brazil :sad:


thats not a lag, switch…thats lag caused by 1 player being in the UK and the other in the US

Haha, yeah, i was gonna post something similar.My other half does that on me occasionally, when she’s surfing or whatever on the laptop and i’m on XBL.As soon as she hits “upload” she maxes out the connection & my game goes to shit, and it’s ALWAYS at a critical point in a match.Stuff like that is the cause of 99% of “sudden lag” issues most of the time it happens.Usually someone will say “my bad” or whatever.

Generally unless it’s really really obvious hacking, like midway through the deciding round in a ranked match, and i’m on the attack when the lag spikes and i take a loss, then i’ll usually give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and if it’s really obvious that something fishy is going on and a connection is unreliable/intermittent for whatever reason i’ll just avoid them and maybe report for being unsporting/quitting so i don’t see them again…Problem solved.

lag differences

i was wondering if anyone noticed the two different types of lag. before, when i was first playing, there was the “rollback” lag where the other character was disappearing for however many frames per second. blanka, ken, cammy, fei would all disappear and reappear on top of you kicking your ass.

nowadays, i’m seeing more of a “slowdown” lag where my character is conveniently slowing down majorly when i’m either a) attempting a combo, or b) attempting a retaliatory move. in this situation, no frames are lost, everything just slows down.

i don’t know anything about inputs so i was wondering if anyone noticed the same type of thing. the first scenario i figure is due to distance, bad connection, what not. the second seems too coincidental to me. maybe someone could explain the causes of the two different types of lag i’m experiencing. my guess is the slowdown is caused by “spiking.”

If the game slowdowns during a combo it’s very possible your opponent is mashing like crazy, this also happens in ggpo with slow connection and people with turbo buttons.

This works wonders cause the combo will go out of sync and fail.

thought about that, but sometimes it’s honda, which the hhs would come out near instantaneous everytime if they were using turbo, but you’re probably right. never played on ggpo…