Lag Question X_X Wtf

I play PC ssf4ae
I run 90 - 120 frames per second on all tests. never seen it drop below 90 fps in single player modes.

I just scored 45 - 56 on my ping test. twice as good as I would have guessed it would be. Damn I just saw a 30 ping result flash from

Roughly 20 percent of my online matches show a smoooth long drawn out drop in framerate though.
sometimes its just 5-10 second bursts of lowered framerate, sometimes its 80 percent of the fight.

a few times a week people send me messages about “you know you lag” or some such… like they never get lag and think its my @#$.

I do know that gamesforwindowslive likes to CHUG along when ever anything besides blank menu is going on in the background.

Anyone know whats causing this lag?
I forget which graphic setting I chose last “fixed - variable” I know i didnt choose smooth though, I heard that drops frames which can actually error combos, not just wiff.

HI you can also test the ping at here they provide you good results.

Stuff running in the background? Unless you specifically watch out for it, most windows PCs have many unnecessary programs running that like to run checks and scans and autoupdates and blabla at the worst possible moment. If you have never done it before (of haven’t done it in a while): go into taskmanager, and find out what every single running process is, and whether you really need it. A program contacting some server or doing stuff on your hard-drive at the wrong time can give just enough delay to cause a dropped combo for your opponent.

Also I’m not really sure how you get 90 fps in single player… no matter what settings I use, the game is locked at 60 for me (except for the benchmark, obviously).

And a personal suspicion: other people on your network. If your internet connection & router suck (mine do!), it certainly seems as if other members of the household watching youtube on their devices introduces online lag.

edit: I noticed a bit too late that this thread was started almost a year ago :frowning:

Turn vsync off, set framerate to fixed.

Play against people who are very close to you and you know they have good connections, preferably someone who you can have a long session against, if the matches turned out to be fine then any lag caused vs other players will probably be because:

1- Your PC or another in your network is doing some background downloading/uploading at random times (make sure your wireless is secured), which can be fixed.
2- Your ISPs connection isn’t stable, you can try pinging a domain or server close to you via DOS and leave it overnight, see if the ping stats remain stable or if it will fluctuate badly, consistent high ping spikes and specially request time outs are very bad for online gaming. You’ll have to contact your ISP to fix this.
3- Simply the route to the player you’re playing against is bad with too much delay, obviously people who are very far away geographically from you will lag (i.e USA vs Australia = Lag), but sometimes even people who are geographically not far away can lag because your ISPs route to them can be bumpy with hops that have high latency, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about this.

and this most common issue:
4- The person you’re playing against is connected via wireless, downloading porn torrents and at the same time the rest of his family are streaming stuff on Youtube lol.