Lag problems in 3S (GGPO)

PC Specs:

AMD SOCKET AM2 4400+ mobo

AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3200


ATI HD3850 256 MB video card

OS: XP64

Internet specs: 10MBS Download 250KBS Upload. No router.

That out of the way, my experience with GGPO is totally random. I can play against one guy with 70 ping and it will be fine. I can play another guy with similar ping and it’s laggy. I cleared my internet cache. I have nothing online as I play (not even Steam), and it’s still like this. This only affects 3rd Strike, no other game on GGPO (including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) gives me trouble. Any ideas?

Your other opponent could be running a shittier computer or could be torrenting stuff.