Lag on PS2 --> USB adapters

How bad are they? Does it depend on the actual adapter? If so, ware there any good reccomendations? I was thinking about just buying one off of eBay or something (just some random one).

I have Joy Box 5 pro … the lag is unnoticeable. Think its better another stick I made with direct usb interfacing.

I use the radio shack one and works pretty good so far.

i try to use the radio shack with my ps2 stick and it’s nearly unplayable. It won’t recognize diagnol inputs unless i do motions slowly.

I would reccomend the one that I got from Lik-sang. But they are dead and that is the only site where I was able to find a picture of the thing at. It worked find for console emulators, but I had to tweak the hell out of it to get it to work for my arcade emulators. Even after that, it’s still a little off.


Works lag free with mame and all my other emulators. I have only tried it with my tekken 4 hori, a tekken 5 hori and a ps one dual shock. play asia $14.99

thats the one i have, no lag on xmvsf if you play alone, but online with 10 ping has very noticable lag. thats why i dont play xmvsf online :frowning:

btw, i used DC to USB on that, not ps2 so that might make a difference

Indeed. It’s pretty bad. Although, when playing on Excellent on a private server, it kinda plays differently. Public servers ftl.

Surprisingly, I found some on ebay last night. I’m getting one. Hopefully the lag wont be bad.

Does anyone tried one of these joybox with a HRAP ? I do have a HRAP Special Edition and I want to play MAME / Kawaks / Nebula with it and I really don’t know which one to buy. Thanks

My radioshack converters work great with DS1 PCBs, but non sony ones, not so much.