Ladies of SFIV!

Guys aren’t the only one’s interested in SFIV anymore… A few pics from Evo 2009 of girls in attendance. Enjoy!

Is this the same girl from the Evo 2004 Documentary?

Vannesie vs Mester

yo its your boy Chicken Little, aka Justin, aka TsimFuckus, whatever you wanna calle me. Nah im sayin? Me and my cousins got some new shit for you soon, and my homies…

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why women are supposed to be so fascinating… I’m glade females are in I guess. As long as it aint that starslay3r skankasaurus.

Only one i’d risk my marriage for =P

I’m gonna get my gf to dress up as sakura.

Now to find a girl who looks like sakura.

lol you guys are sad

Why wasnt Jay Jay drinking a beer in her photo?

If you are not using the internet for watching porn, models, boothbabes and threads like this one, you are only using about 10% of the internet potential =P

if a girl is not into regular girl stuff it is an almost certain sign of mental instability and you should approach with extreme caution.

The real ladies of street fighter :3

amazing pictures by the one, Kara Leung

thats hot:wink:

Just get a 12yr old boy:party:

do SF girls yell out SHORYUKEN during sex? I’d certainly like to think so.

I was looking all over for Jay Jay, but could not find her… :sad:

ed ma lookalike

Does anybody actually think those girls are attractive? There’s only 1 or 2 who come close, amd I’m not convinced either of them are sane.

  1. Sanity is rarely something you should look for in a potential gf/lover
  2. Yes, those girls were hot
  3. Any girl that plays video games, ESPECIALLY COMPETITIVELY, is instantly +5 hotness

1 is attractive…

hey look im laying there

This Viper wins by a long shot. Not from Evo though.