Ladder Secret Battle?

Ok, so i was playing through normal ladder with Sonya on beginner, just to really get gold from flawless victories, and i got to the The Temple stage, fighting against Nightwolf. After i beat Nightwolf, instead of being able to do a fatality, the screen darkened, and it said, You’ve found a secret battle. Then i proceeded to fight Retro Noob Saibot and loose. Needless to say, i was interested, so i went back and played ladder a lot more, and i got the battle again, on The Temple stage again (i’m guess it’s always on this stage) and then proceeded to fight Noob Saibot, but this time he was in a costume in which i guess he was just Saibot, because he just looked like one of Noob’s ink clones. Well, I’ve yet to beat him, but i was wondering if anyone else has found this, and if so, have you beaten him and received anything for it? Also was wondering if there’s anything like this for team ladder?

There are no prizes for beating the secret battles as far as I’ve heard.

To fight Noob, you must be on the Temple stage, and Noob must be in the background (instead of the priest that normally stands there). Then you have to win both rounds without blocking.

There is also a fight with Reptile, Smoke, and Jade.

I don’t think there is any hidden fights on the team ladder.

So do you get anything from beating him w/o blocking?

No. That is all.

Only in arcade mode:

Secret Jade battle - Get a double flawless victory and perform a fatality on Shang Tsung when battling against him.

Secret Noob Saibot battle- When you see Noob in “The Temple” stage’s background win that battle without using the block.

Secret Reptile battle on The Pit 2 (Night) stage wait until a shadowy figure flies across the moon, then get a double flawless victory and perform a stage fatality.

Secret Smoke battle on The Living Forest - tage wait until Smoke appears behind one of the trees. On that moment press Down + the “back/select” button repeatedly.