Ladder Rankings Dead

I wonder why?

Because someone whored the shit out of the ladder… :tdown:

What exactly happenned? You could always try to fix the problems and just relaunch if the problem was in the system itself. I thought it would be lack of interest because kaillera sucks so much though. Does big5/fivefoot/whatever even play anymore on kaillera?

Yea i think it is a lack of interest. I was only away for about a month occasionally dropping by to see who was playing and people who were in the ladders wouldnt even have a ladder match. The ladders were interesting at first but I think people are too lazy just to post a loss.

Naw, All the decent A3 players don’t even play on kaillera anymore… Nibor quit, Big 5 quit… etc. (Big 5 plays 3s on XBL, thats about as much online SF as he plays)

It wasn’t that the system was broken, it just sucks when you lose due to lag and etc… And not only that, But when that shit is SPAMMED on every god damn 5 minutes it feels like you created a monster… THANKS MOOSEHEAD :tdown:

Also my original idea was just A3, but then 60 other ladders for meaningless games were created. Samurai showdown 2? Come on, nobody even plays 4 or V.

Yea, I agree. The ladder should have only been for SFA3. Oh well, seeing as no one else will play anyways. I say just close the ladders already. It was good while it lasted.

Well, I stopped quite simply cod Quinton was allowed to join =p

Also, the fact that Young wasn’t undefeated was wasn’t even ranked in the top 5 was rather stupid

yea, being undefeated never made you 1st. I almost defeated Young Ice but he beat me with a 3-2 win. I never saw him afterwards to play him again. Oh well

I resent the fact that you think the ladders were unsuccessfull because I tried to bring attention to them. A ranking means nothing if no one knows they exist, cares compete for the ranks, or knows who the top players are.

They were unsuccessfull because you kids don’t have the attention span to read instructions, comprehend them, play a game, and then follow up afterwards.

Who the fuck are you to say what we have and don’t have? Atleast we have skills in a game… You are nothing more than a no-name scrub that owns a server.

The KoF2k2 ladder was somewhat successful…although it seems I’m the one that’s setting up most of the matches for it. i’m sure it would be more successful if I got all those team maniak/team evolution players to join it but first the Kof2k2 ladder needs an admin to change those damn idle days rules!

Nah its not Mooseheads fault, He actually did a good job promoting it and I also promoted the ladders for a good while. I bet no one even knew about the ladders until I spammed my ass off trying to get people to join. Its just that people are way too lazy to post losses in the league website. And I noticed that some players didnt like loosing and even complained, I dont want to mention names but at least they did post their losses. Damn, I was already at the top in SFA3 already when the ladders died down :xeye: , all that hard work for nothing, hehehe.

there was never any problem with people not posting results, the real problem (for me anyway) was people having unfair advantages with lag/ping and others using autofire.

maybe in the future another emu should be used (not that it will happen)

Don’t hate on moosehead. He tried.
If the ladder failed, it was mainly the base idea of kaillera itself. Crucial point in a ladder match, lag spike… that’s just gay shit.

word on the lag… I lost alot of matches because of it

i asked to be emailed aout joining the a3 ladder like 3 times.

Don’t listen to ax0r, moose. He’s just an ignorant fool. People appreciate the hell out of your server. :wink:

The problem lies with a lot of these lag abusing scrubs. I tried to play on kaillera again a few days ago, and was met with constant jumping, game after game and i couldn’t AA because of lag.

yo caliagent ur chemistren. I use to play u in cvs2 on xbox live alot. Most of my favorite matches I had online were with you. I should play you in a3. Let me kno if your up for it.