Lack of tutorials on Xbox madcatz SE dual mod

Hello. I would first like to ask why there are no tutorials about modding a 360 fightstick with a ps3 PCB.
But that is besides the subject. I have purchased a wireless ps3 brawl pad and I intend to padhack it to my 360 madcatz stick. I will probably have to manually switch the PCB “on” whenever I want to use it but it will be nice to have it wireless.

I am asking here if there are any schematics to this board… Please let me know. Thanks.

Since the SE innards are exactly the same as a TE, you can use any of the guides for a TE basically word for word.

Also, I’m not entirely sure you can straight up hack the wireless pad to dual-mod your stick - both PCBs need to be powered in order for a dual-mod to work properly… not sure how you plan on doing that…

Also, did you read the stickies?

Did you read the dual-mod 101 thread?

Thank you for the response!! Assuming that this PCB is common ground, how do I find out which are the ground and signal of each button?

Ground is simply the one where the leads go to all the buttons.


You can tap ground from any of the black spots.

As for modding an SE, well the PCB is exactly the same as a TE. That and most folks prefer to use a board like Toodle’s MC Cthulhu instead of pachacking.

Pro-tip: Multi-meter is your friend when pad hacking.