Labeling videos 101: Tags are easy. Do them right

It’s been over 2 years since the explosion of people posting youtube videos of matches and videos are still being labeled wrong. This makes it difficult to find the videos that are posted. I mean if you are going to take the time to make them don’t you want the people who are looking for them to have the ability to find the videos? Help the info in the community go out by labeling your videos like this.

In order of importance

1 The game.

If you want to write it SSf4 SSFIV Street fighter Streetfighter MVC2 Marvel vs capcom 2, Tekken, any of that is fine. The most important thing is you label the video with the game being played.

2 The characters being played

Are you an Ibuki player who just found out something great in one of your matches? Maybe a makoto you learned to kara a little easier. That’s all great, but you need to put the characters that are featured in your video in the label so other players can find them.

The opposite is also true. Don’t tag spam. Don’t list every single character in the game in your tags when there are actually only 2 characters being played. Not only does it make it harder to search, but if you are a person who does this and you put up a video that someone might be looking for, you make it impossible to distinguish that one from all the others.

3 The names of the people playing.

Everyone has their own style. Sometimes you see something a particular player does and their play style intrigues you. You want to learn more. It should be just as easy as typing in the name of that player and finding more of their videos. This helps EVERYONE get better so different play styles and tricks and quickly be tried out and vetted.

It’s not 10 years ago where people had to swap files every EVO to get this out. We have the technology. We can make it stronger, better, faster. This doesn’t cost a million either. Just label your videos right.

Cool story bro

I’ll label my videos as I see fit, thank you

There is an irony here, what with this being posted in the IV boards. Let me help you out.

Doesn’t really belong in FGD either. Punted to video gallery.

I already label my videos like this. Do I get a cookie? :smiley: