Lab Help. (Combo oddness) Need some Wolvie Scientists

Alright! I have a question that might be somewhat odd, if not confusing.
(Puts on flame suit.)

Before the infamous sentinel patch, I was working on a combo that I was able to
pull off, but only half the time.

The combo requires (Well not requires, but who I was working with.) X-23 and wolvie.

I was doing the basic L,M,H,S, air(m,m,h,drill claw, divekick), H, S, air(M,M,H,S)…
-Now that’s the normal OTG everyone knows with wolvie and ending it by sending
them to the ground with ‘S’.

Now!! This is the oddness.

Before the patch, half the time I was able to call X-23 ankle slicer (low assist) out
and able to do a reset. (Normally called and ‘on screen’ before wolvie hits the ground.)
Now, after the patch I just can’t pull this off. Before it was easy to reset into another
launch or a round of DHC’s.

My question, is there a way to get a reset with X-23 assist? This was working
and it may still, though the timing is beyond me.

The main issue is somehow getting X-23 out and on screen early enough to pop the
knocked-down character off the ground before they get up, which means calling her
assist at some point during the second round of air hits. (Which I’m sure is a wolvie
frame issue.)

I’m trying to do the (low-forward M slide) while calling X-23 just before for a
quick two-hit otg and it might work, but have any of you had success with
extending this beyond just doing a Fatal Claw after the second round of
air hits?

I’m at work on break, though when I get back, I’m going to kill a few hours to see if this
is still even possible with the patch out. Before the patch, I was doing this 50% of the time
and it wasn’t too difficult, but now it seems almost impossible. I’m hoping others with a
better sense of the games timing might figure this out.** I promise this was being done
before the patch.**

Note: I think one of the reasons is that, during a normal jump, calling an assist
is possible in the air almost at all times, though a super-jump seems to stop you
from calling them. (Sorry if that’s stupid given it may be common knowledge.) But
in the super jump,… I’m able to get an assist out near the end of the jump 'some’
times which does get X-23 out in time to reset.

Ok a few things:
first of all, and dont take this the wrong way, but plz post you questions in the Q&A thread, we dont want a thread for every single questions.
Secondly, I think this is probably a better question for the X-23 thread since she seems to be the variable that is giving you trouble.
Third, as you have already touched on, during a super jump you CANNOT call an assist. You must wait until you feet are on the ground.
Lastly, the patch didnt change anything that would affect this combo.

Again, in the future plz post any and all questions in the Q&A thread.