LA arcades (mvc2)

im going to be moving to the LA area from the buena park/cypress area in a couple of weeks if i nail my interview at EA games on wednesday for a job as a game tester, which im super stoked about. however, i have NO idea where any arcades are out there…much less where any arcades with good competition are.

so…where are the arcades with good marvel comp? LAX area, if possible.

LA is a pretty big place, specifically where in LA might you be moving to?

Just to list a few (which the arcades are quite spread out):

UCLA: Westwood
FFA: Granada Hills
Regency: Lakewood
Super Arcade: Walnut
Arcade World: Montebello Mall

Those are the ones that I know of off the top of my head. There are certainly a ton of other spots to play at.

Well, I live in Riverside.

Hehe jk. But seriously though, Regency is prolly the closest one to LAX area where people play mvc2.

Electronic Arts Los Angeles
5510 Lincoln Blvd
Playa Vista , CA 90094

^ somewhere near that

so, playa vista area i guess

There really is no big arcade that I know of in your area. You can still travel to Lakewood to play at Regency, but that is still a bit of a drive for you.