"Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou!" The Devil Jin Thread

Feel free to correct me since I’m still fairly scrubby at the game.

Unlike his good self, Devil Jin retained the Mishima-style moves that are so known in the Tekken series. Those that played as Tekken 3/Tag 1 Jin will love playing as Devil Jin addition to having new toys to play with.

Devil Jin is the most balanced Mishima character, having all the signature Mishima moves like off Crouch Dash like EWGF and Hellsweep, while also having his share of mid pokes to pester the opponent.

EWGF (and not WGF) takes a bit of practice to get right. You WILL need it if you want to play as Devil Jin. He also doesn’t have lots of threatening lows; they’re punishable by a good margin. Lastly, his homing moves (at least in T6) are both highs; keep that in mind. You won’t HAVE to be proficient at wavedashing but it can make opponents scared once you’ve conditioned them to block.

Move List:
Frame Data:
Tag Assault and Enders for Combos:

Players to watch out for:
Qudans, Ji3MoonAce, Leedy, Light, Knee.

Standing punishers:
[]10f: 1,1,2 (KD); 2,2
]12f: b+1,2 (KD)
[]14f: b+1,2 (KD), EWGF (JG)
]15f+: EWGF (JG), d+3+4 (JG)
Crouching punishers:
[]12f: WS+4,4
]13f: WS+1,2
[*]15f: WS+2 (JG)
Note-worthy moves:

EWGF (f,N,d,df+2): the infamous Mishima electric. It’s not only DJin’s main launcher, it’s also a great pressure tool. Having a 14f startup and being +5 on block, your opponent needs to respect it. It is high so beware. Practice this move off SS, backdash, and DEWGF. Also taggable.

WS+2 is also used to whiff punish highs. Used along with wavedash for mixups. CD, iWS+2 is done as f,n,d,df,b~2.

df+1,2: NCc, df+1 by itself is a great poking tool. Sometimes used in combos as a bound move. 2 is delayable.

WS+4: looks a lot like df+4. The WS+4,4 string isn’t hit-confirmable (and is punishable) but it comes out faster than df+4 and it’s -3~-4 on block.

df+4,4: a lot like Kaz’s split kicks, good poking tool for long range. Remember to hit-confirm the 4 as the second hit is -14~-15 on block.

ff+2: decent ranged mid poke. Knocks down on hit, -11 on block. Pushes back a bit.

bf+2,1: has some range and tracking, hits mid. On block it is -11 (or -12) for both hits so beware.

f+1+2: new move. Has some tracking, wall splats, pretty damaging but lacks range, 17f startup and -12 on block. KND on hit. Second hit can be parried or reversed, so mix it up with u/b+2 (the high punch homing move).

Hellsweep (f,N,d,df+4): plus on hit, juggles on CH, but punishable on block. Bounds on juggles AND CH.

db+2: good low, crushes highs, +5 on hit, punishable however and doesn’t yield anything on CH.

b+4: decent upclose to mix up with hellsweep as it hits mid. It’s completely safe on block (-7 or -8) and plus on hit. On CH your opponent gets stunned for a combo. Good against tech rolls. Wall splats.

uf+4: safe on block, knockdown mid used to beat tech rolls on oki along with wavedash.

SS+2: launcher used for whiff punishing off sidestep. Big damage, has ~u followup. Taggable.

u+4~u: DJin will do a jumping backflip kick that will crush highs and lead to a combo on hit. You are very negative on block however.

f+3+4: new low crushing jumping mid kick. -16, which means you will get launched so be careful. Good combo ender.

Please tell me if there’s other moves I should be adding.


EWGF, EWGF, ff+3,1~ff,2, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff, DEWGF - 86 (THE combo off EWGF)
EWGF, EWGF, 1, 1, 1, d/f+1+2 b! d/f+3,2,4 - 71 (can add an extra jab for 74)
SSR EWGF, DEWGF, ff 1, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff, d/f+3,2,4 - 77 (for SSR off-axis)
SSR EWGF, DEWGF, ff+3,1~ff, d/f+1,2 b! TGF~U/F (89 off SSR EWGF. Works consistently)
EWGF EWGF 1, 1, 1, 1, ff b+1,2 - 63 (made for wall carry)
EWGF u/f+1+2, ff+3,1~ff,2 d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff, DEWGF - 89 (most damage off EWGF, hard timing on first ff+3)

WS+2, DEWGF, 2, d/f+1+2 b!, ff+3,1~ff,2, DEWGF - 72
WS+2, ff+3,1~ff,2, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff DEWGF - 69
WS+2, ff+3,1, d/f+1,2 b! CD+1~U/F - 72

SS+2, u/f+1+2 ff+3,1~ff,2, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff, DEWGF - 92
SS+2~U - 71

CH HS,4:
CH hs,4 b! bf+2,1,2 - 50
CH hs,4 b! bf+2,1,4 - 49 (leaves them close in FUFA)
CH hs,4 b! ff+3,1~ff, b+4 - 50 (weird oki after this)
CH hs,4 b! 1+4,2,4 - 45
CH hs,4 b! ff+1,4, 124~3 - 47 (leaves them close in FUFA)
CH hs,4 b! 1+4, b+1,2 - 44 (wall carry)
CH hs,4 b! ewgf, 1, cdc, ws44 (?)
CH hs,4 b! ff3,1~ff, 2, ewgf (?)

u+4~U, FLY 3 b! ssl 1+4, bf+2,1,2 - 66
u+4~U, FLU 3 b! EWGF, f+1, DEWGF - 69
f+4,3~U, FLY 3 b! d/f+3,2,4 - 66

CH b+4:
CH b+4, HS,4 b! d/f+1,2 - 58 + FDFA spike
CH b+4, d/f+1,2 b! d/f+3,2,4 -58
CH b+4, HS,4 b! d/f+3,2,4 - 62

FLY 1 (CH)
CH FLY 1, ff+3,1~ff,2, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff, DEWGF - 75

CH ff+3
CH ff+3, d/f+1+2 b! 1+4, b+1,2 - 52
CH ff+3, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1,4 - 58

d+3+4, f+1,2,4, d/f+1+2, b! f,F+3,1~f,f b+1,2 or dewgf or b+4
d+3+4, f~F+1, f,f+3,1~ff, 2, d/f+1+2, b!, f,F+3,1~ff, dewgf

Getup 3 (CH)
CH Getup 3, CD44 b! ff+3,1~ff,2, DEWGF
CH Getup 3, cc d/b+2, WS+4, d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff DEWGF

Opponent’s BT:
Opponent’s BT: d/f+3,2,4~U FLY 3 b! d/f+3,2,4 - 74
Opponent’s BT: d/f+3,2,4~U FLY 3 b! 1+4,2,4 - 75 + FUFA spike
Opponent’s BT: d/f+3,2,4~U FLY 3 b! 1+4, f+1, ff+2 - 75 (with better oki due to run mixup)

Off Low Parry:
LP -> EWGF, f+1, ff+3,1~ff,2, DEWGF - 42 (inconsistent)
LP -> walk forward a bit, 2, 1, ff+3,1~ff,2, DEWGF - 35 (timing issues with the 2)
LP -> ff+3,1~ff,2, ffn1, DEWGF- 33
LP -> bf+2,1,d+2, DEWGF - 28

Wall stuff:
w! d/f+1,2 b! cd+1~U/F
w! u/f+3 b! bf+2,1>2
w! d/f+1+2 b! cc, bf+2,1>2 (hard/inconsistent with angles, etc.)
w! d/f+1+2 b! b~bf+2,1>2 (hard, but easier than the crouch cancel)
w! d/f+1,2 b! pause, 2, d/f+1,2
w! d/f+3,2>4
w! 1,2, b+4
w! 2, b+4_f+2

Post Bound finishers:

  • ff3,1~ff, ewgf
  • ff3,1~ff, 2, dewgf
  • ff3,1~ff, b1,2 (cancel with b if b1 whiffs)
  • aligned right. ff3,1~ff, df3,2,4

Specific Wall Combos:
EWGF w! u/f+1+2, 1, d/f+1,2 b! TGF~U/F - 87
ff+2 w! 2, d/f+1,2 b! TGF~U/F
EWGF DEWGF ff+1 ff+1 bf212 w! ff d/f+1+2 b! bf+21>2 - 101 (Insane)
EWGF DEWGF ff+3,1~ff,2 d/f+1+2 b! ff+3,1~ff w! bf+21>2 -

Maximizing wall carry post bound requires you to know on which hit you are at the moment.
If you b! them with hit #5, then the appropiate wall carry would be ff+3,1~ff, b+1,2.
If you b! them with hit #4, then you have the following options:

  • ff+3,1~ff,2,2 (good for when already near the wall and it’s all you’re missing)
  • ff+3,1~ff,b+1,2 (alternate with the next depending on required distance)
  • ff+3,1, b+1,2 (alternate with the previous depending on required distance)
    All of these do 22 damage on their own.

Getting d/f+324 after a ff+3,1~ff requires you to either be slightly angled to the right, or being in the adequate distance. d/f+324 won’t hit properly if it’s too close, at least not from that sort of juggle. That’s been my experience so far with it but I don’t bother with this that much.

Also, if you are close enough to the wall to get them close without followup hits, make sure that you reach with bf+21>2. The usual distance gaps can be closed with ff+3,1~ff or dashing up with 1+4 after the bounce. Now, people are also doing run up WS12 after the bounce, which smacks them VERY HIGH into the air, guaranteeing a wall splat most of the time, and it usually lets you get a w! TGF~U/F, and always allows w! bf+21>2.


Whenever you are doing DJ’s juggles, you might have some trouble with d/f+1+2 whiffing if you’re too far off to the right. In that case, d/f+1,2 will probably hit. Try this out: SSR, EWGF EWGF ff+3,1~ff d/f+1,2 b! TGF~U/F. When it DOES hit, you can plug in ff+3,1~ff, d/f+324. If you’re too far off to the left, the DEWGF after the b! ff+3,1~ff is less likely to hit, but the chances of connecting with d/f+1+2 increase drastically. Take this for example: SSL EWGF EWGF EWGF d/f+1+2 b! DEWGF DEWGF. Yes, that’s the combo and it does 81 damage from stupidity.

If you want to know what you should be doing after these juggles, check the DJ Oki Index thread.[/details]
Character specific:

Alisa Boskonovitch

[details=Spoiler]ewgf ff31ff 2 df1+2 B! [db22] (DVJ run) f3+4
ewgf ff31ff 2 df1+2 B! [f233] ff2 (ff2 should hit at the same time with last hit of f233)
ewgf ff31ff 2 df1+2 B! [db22] dash cd1~uf[/details]


ewgf, ewgf, df1+2~5, B!, [TA: u1+2, uf1], u1+2

Jin Kazama

[details=Spoiler]DJ ewgf, ewgf, 1, df+1+2~5 B! Jin ff, b+3~f, cds,1+2, DJ tgf~u
DJ U+4~u, fly+3~5 B! Jin bf+2,3~f, cds,1+2 DJ tgf~u
DJ ewgf, u+1+2, ff+3, 1~ff, 2, df+1+2~5 B! Jin b+3~f, cds,1+2, DJ tgf~u[/details]
Kazuya Mishima (DK = Devil Mode):

[details=Spoiler]EWGF, EWGF, ff+3,1~ff,2, df1+2 B! [ssl hs,1] TGF~U
DK ss+2~5, DJ u+1+2, ff+3,1~ff, 2, df+1+2~5 B! DK cd+4,1 DJ tgf~u[/details]
Lars Alexandersson

[details=Spoiler]ewgf, ewgf, df1+2, [uf3], u1+2, u1+2, u1+2
Lars f+1+2~5 DJ db+2, ws+4, df+1+2~5 B! Lars ff, df+3,3 DJ tgf~u[/details]

General Tag Assault fillers


f4,3~U, FLY 1+2

Sources: Tekken Zaibatsu

Yes yes i just decided to try out Devil Jin! F1+2 is a mid homing move, its pretty damaging, but is lacking in the range department :).

EWGF isn’t a just frame move. You have a few frames to get it.

Correct me if im wrong but I was sure that EWGF is definetly Just Frame (as in you have to input down/forward on the same frame u input 2) WGF was just the regular one that you have tons of frames to do. And then there’s Perfect EWGF which is doing every input as early as possible in order to get an EWGF in 13f .

3 frames I believe (except for Hei’s being 2)? And I thought Just Frame moves referred to moves where you have a small input window, not necessarily 1-frame links.
Either way, I omitted that now.

yes 3 frames, 1frame for each direction; forward, neutral, and then down. The EWGF would start when u hit downforward and 2
Heihachi’s is 2frames because he doesn’t need a down input (i think)

I wanted to start a DJ thread, there might be one so please merge/close. Either way, he is a very interesting character and my favorite at the moment. Play style revolves around good movement to force whiff, the EWGF mind game that all Mishimas have and good punishment as well. Using his safe mids is vital to his game to teach an opponent not to randomly duck vs Command Dash Mixup (ewgf/hell sweep both duck-able). Don’t know much about the game yet so please correct me where needed.

Punishment game -
10 frame - 1,1,2 or 2,2 or 1,2,2
Basic Mishima punish, use 2,2 for max damage but slightly less range than 1,2,2.
1,1,2 is the go to punish at 10-frames, but if you need damage or prevent a knockdown to stop safe tag ins, use the other options.
After a 1,1,2 you get some mind games, players may think they can safely roll back. You can punish with dash-wavedash-FF+2 (Demon Paw)

11 frame - same as 10

12 frame - b+1,2 (Brimstone Strike)
Great damage, wall splat and you can block confirm it and cancel it by holding back. Learn the specific uses. A lot of df+2’s are -12 so study up and try it out.

13 frame - Same as 12, but if for some reason the character recovers in crouching you can use
df + 4,4 (Tsunami Kicks) as it is mid mid natural combo, but negative on hit.

14 frame - Yikes the dreaded 14 frame punish, you can and should EWGF every -14 situation but everyone knows that is not possible, so try it vs moves you are comfortable with and use 12 frame punish for others.

15+ frames - EWGF, gotta do it. You can also use d,3+4 (can can kicks) for less damage but more reliability and his new F,1+2 for the same reason.

While standing (most often from blocking lows, but also for moves that leave you in crouch like Alisa uf+4,4) - 11 frame punish the typical WS 4,4 Tsunami kicks. Big damage negative and crouching opponent on block, so you know he can only step one way and only WS attack.
13 frame you can use WS 1,2 (Twin Pistons) for less damage better advantage on hit.
15 frame WS 2 (Demon Hook) sick punish, huge damage and great range.

Mid Game - A lot of his mids are great but can be linear, so step with them, scare them, and know your tracking(btw if someone could help me with where these track that would be awesome)
df+1,(2) good safe 13 frame mid, use it to see whats going on.
ws 4 fast 11 frame safe mid and out of command dash. Df 4 is good too, but less safe.
b+4 (Steel Pedal) my favorite mid, slow and nerfed from 6 but still a great mid to catch someone flinching. Counter hit gets up to 90 damage with good TA filler.
uf+4 ( Flying Soul), solid safe mid, knocks down and great oki after. Can relaunch or take the free ground hit if they stay down. Low crushes sometimes, sometimes you just get air juggled so use wisely.
bf+2,(1)(2) - (Laser Scraper), first 2 hits -12 but delayable. Last hit safe because of push back but steppable to the right. Use to fish for counter hit to get escapable stun on first hit or full string mind games when opponent cant step right.
u+4 (samsara) - high then low crush move, can be safe-ish if you mix in the deity flight extension (hold up). For the most part, very punishable but leads to big damage if hit and wall splats. An OK panic button when you just need to recoop.

Lows -
Db+2 - (Fibula Sweep) Great low, tracks well,unseeable, plus frames on hit and only -12 on block! Use it.
Command Dash DF+4,4 (Hell Sweep) Huge damage on hit, can get 80-90+ damage on counter hit! Unseeable but massively unsafe (-23)

EWGF - Got to master it and all it’s applications. An ongoing process for sure, but necessary to allow the Mishima game to shine. It allows you to work, once you have frozen an opponent, their movement and choices get severely limited by the threat of a safe forward moving launcher. It can be ducked and walked left, but you must teach them you are a master at it otherwise they will bully you and not respect the Mishima play style.

Combos - Not going to go too in depth with this, just some staples as we can update together since I have barely scrapped the surface with his combos. For the purpose of simplification I will just use Heihachi (my teammate) as the TA filler.

Reminder!: There is better enders/fillers for all situations. Wall carry/Okizeme/wall combo/red health kill…etc. So be creative and help me out too!

BnB with NO Tag Assault -
EWGF, ff+3,1(ff) 2, df+1+2 b! ff+3,1(ff) DEWGF(D=dash) or F+3+4(character dependent)
If you are a stud, add another EWGF in the beginning.

BnB WITH Tag Assault - (again, yours might be different with partner)
EWGF, EWGF, df+1+2 b! TA(SSL, Hell Sweep df+44, n 1) Dash Command Dash 1, hold uf (thunder god fist xx heavens door.)

U+4,3 b! SSR 1+4 (three ring circus) bf+2,1>2 (>= delay)

U+4,3 b! TA (Hei - SSL, Hell Sweep df+44, n 1) Dash Command Dash 1, hold uf.

CH B+4, df+1,2 b! TA (Hei ff+2) uf+1+2 (Thunder Crimson Blast…ok) bf+2,1>2.

OK thats enough for now, combos are still kind of weird to me and optimizing them is a nightmare especially in match. So ask questions, post shit, smoke weed you know the deal.

this last combo of yours with hei sounds wicked i will try it out tonight

also what do u think is his best option after low parry ?
i usually try ff+31ff 2 b+1 2 to try to get them on a wall
also i found that u can hit HS after B+4 CH for more dmg then d/f 12 B but its harder for sure

There’s only one page of threads; Even IF you didn’t want to use the Search function, 3 seconds of scrolling would have saved us the duplicate thread that I now have the pleasure of merging.

Merged and Infracted.

EWGF is a jf, there is no window.

After a parry, iiirc you should do ewgf 2, ff3 1, ewgf. Or you can try to land up to 4 dewgf’s

Magus or anyone else out there, any tricks on getting WS moves off CD? For WS+2 off CD for example I heard it’s done as f,n,d,df,b~2. Is that right?

Im not sure I struggle with the method too, you just to find a comfortable way for you. Just make sure you option select 23 or 24 after it in case you mess up and get a b2, seems to happen to all level of players.

Is that what people normally go for? Huh, I was always finicky with doing ewgfs after bounds so normally my low parry combos were:

low parry, ff+3,1~ff 2, d/f+3,2,4
low parry, ff+3,1~ff 2, f+3+4 for wall carry situations.

woo for keeping it simple and easy. :razzy:

Anyways just updated the combos page for Devil Jin over on the TZ wiki, come tell me how much of a bad job I did at it. (link in the OP here)

yeah those 2 combos above were the online viable combos i was looking for thx !! :slight_smile:

Does anyone else know about DJ’s automatic character switch move? It is very useful

You did an excellent job on this thread TheAbsolution, any chance you could do something like this for Kazuya?

Wrong only character that doesn’t need the down input is kaz. Hence why he has a 13f electric compared to others.

I use DJ and Hei. If you want a damaging combo here is one.

DJ: EWGF, EWGF, ff+3,1~ff 2, d+1+2 B!, TA Hei, 1,b+2,4 DJ, ff+4.

The ff+4 has to hit before hei’s flying 4.

Here is another one

DJ: EWGF, ff+3,1~ff 2, d+1+2 B!, TA Hei, 1,b+2,4, DJ: ff+4

Once again the 4 need to hit before hei flying 4. Takes off 95 dmg CH takes off 103.

I got plenty of combo’s lol.