Kyosuke's Assist?

Hey i just saw the “Ode to the 2 hit Combo” Video and i saw a combo with Hinata from Rivals Schools coming in as in assist. It was an N-Groove Kyosuke and he guard cancels a low sweep and did a shadow cut kick, … and then Hinata just comes out and whacked Rock. FOR THE 2 HIT COMBO!

How is this possible?

And if you want to search for it, it’s on 17 minute mark.

if i remember correctly, if a character throws out a jab reppuken/power wave at the super flash for Final Grade Remix, the move will start & Hinata will come out, but Kyosuke will be hit out of the move by the fireball when he hops backwards. So he just moved the 2 characters left to scroll Hinata offscreen, then started filming~