Ky Guilty Gear XX AC combo video.... part 1


Thanks to Cell for hosting it. Please right click save as… If that doesnt work for now try megaupload till I can find something else to host it.

First of all sorry its only Ky. I did mean to do Ky, Sol and Chipp combo video, but unfortantly, real life is getting in the way a lot lately, and I just had to stop here for now. Just really hard to play right now so yea just stopping umm here. I certainly have a lot of sol(like instant kill combos, or the instant kill side winder etc), chipp, and even more ky ideas. But yea its been hard to play lately…

Even saying that this video is like 6 mins long… So its pretty long sorry.

Note also, this video is bare bones as FUCK. Maybe even a bit bare bones for me… But like ive said before in general I like just plain combo videos. Just hard/creative/cool looking combos… So hopefully that is what this is…

Other misc notes, all combos are doable to stagger 3-4. I always tried to get the highest I could. The only combos that are not 3-4 is both the dizzy ones, and the one potemkin one with sweep. Also yes the zappa infinite is infinite. It works on johnny, anji, faust, and maybe even axl(I forget). But they have to be ducking to start it off, and you have to time it at there head more or less perfectly each time, so the last 2 hits hit as late as possible so you have time to run in with f+hs again. So the timeing is acctualy fairly hard to say once you get past the gaurd meter and you start getting pushed back really far away…

All combos with black beat are true combos, there bugs…

I wanted the zappa infinite to be at the part where the song slows down… but I suck… so apperently I miss timed it. After that it was suppose to be those short combos where the song starts up again. But again mis timed it. Apperently windows media maker is dum, and you can only listen to the song once if your listening to it from start to finish(at least for me)so yea… I had to guess… Shrug. I suck whatever.

The axl combo at like 5:00 and the sol combo at 2:41 have shitty endings I know. But you reach a point in the combo where not even jabs can combo to kicks or slash. NOTHING works. So unfortantly that is why the shitty endings… Truthfully I wanted the axl combo to end with a jump ride the lighting, then land duck p, stand s, duck hs, shoryuken… But everytime I missed the jab, and I said fuck this game… And just left it as it is. I do belvie it is possible though if you had the patience. Also for the sol one I wanted to do after the FRC, run in f+hs then dust… But I just couldnt get the combo to work when I did that. Again though I do belive it is possible if you had the patience to keep trying.

The chipp combo(5:20) where I just end with a duck hs, to shoryuken… Well, at that point I was just like fuck this combo. So I went with what worked. I wanted to orginaly do a jump hs, land stand s, duck hs, then shoryuken for it. But I kept missing it, and yea f+hs, light saber loop is not easy. So eventauly I just gave up.

For the aba combos with lighting I really wanted to get triple lighting, but I just kept fucking it up. Hella doable as I myself have done it in those combos quite a few times. But as luck would have it, I couldnt get it while tapeing… Game hates me I guess.

Johnny combo at 5:45 I belive can end in a knock down, but every time I got him low with it, I fucked up the shoryuken… so… yea

I think those are all the questions that might be asked… Anyway other then that in general if it looks like I could get another hit, I couldnt. Almost every combo was done to there “maximum” potential to say. Only diffs were of course after RTL juggles I tried to always do slash since its slower thus harder to do then jabbing.

For some ky combos I didnt end up doing if you were wondering, I had some orb, to 6hs loops… 6hs loop, to stab super, to 6hs loop on bridget(combo is pretty ridiculous, I really wanted to get it for this one but just to hard to link, and not enough patience), and some pretty crazy combos on anji, that I guess ill save if I make another video… So yea I guess you didnt missed out on to many combos, I only had about 5 or so more I really wanted to do… But just cant do them right now.

Phew… Anyway sorry for ranting… and thanks for um watching… Like I said sorry I didnt put in every combo I wanted to and its only ky. I do have a lot of chipp, and sol. Hell even some anji and johnny… But real life is getting in the way to much so I just said fuck it today, and said im finished for now. Shrug sorry. Anyway hopefully you all like it…

So yea I think that takes care of what might be the general questions so just enjoy or something. Ill try and upload it to other stuff as well.

cell one isnt done or encoded right … click mega upload for now sorry.

its ok, my thoughts:

ugh at the song, try something original next time

What slip recovery did you have the dummy on?

Really shows Ky’s versatility in combos. Crazy as usual, muy props for good content barebones video. Didn’t know that stuff about the black beat combos, pretty weird.

Humbag: Actually, he says that the stagger is at max pretty much the whole time except for 2 combos. <3

Pretty awesome video, I wanna see instant kill sidewinder! :stuck_out_tongue:

No Offense or anything but, should this be in the THE Combo Video thread…:wonder:

Ah other people still make threads for there combo videos so whatever.

Ah yea what aka said… Read please. Why do you think I wrote that thing out in the first post, so there wouldnt be stupid questions. I know people would question zappa infintie etc and thats why I posted that… -_-

Yea I have a lot of sol,chipp,ky combos left still to show… And I did plan on doing them all, but personaly reasons are getting in the way right now. So yea I just have to stop for now. I acctualy did want to end the video after the credits with sol just hitting a side winder, and it instantly killing the guy one hit, then say “to be continued” or some BS. But of course if I could just go to training mode jump up with sol and do a side winder and have it instantly kill you, then it wouldnt be as intresting would it lol.

Good shit man, good shit… Nice veriety to the combos, I like the ASE infinite… What’s the second song?

challengers from dbz budokai 2? I think?

Though to say the song is only like a min and 30 seconds. So its acctualy really short, thats like all there is to the song sadly. No long version of the song exists to my knowledge…

And the first song I guess if anyone asks is hyper duel by SSH

I actually liked the music. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be hardcore metal. Those were some nice Ky combos. Any chance you’ll do other characters, should personal problems not interfere with your time?

Yea of course like I said I have a ton of other combos I want to do but right now just to hard to do them, like past few days I had only done like one combo or so. So I was like fuck it, to hard right now ill just stop for now. And instead of waiting id rather put it out now since to my knowledge every combo ive done here is new, new infinte yadda yadda. So im a bitch and wanted to make sure I get all the stuff out there first shrug.

So yea lots of other combos I want to do, but for now this is the end. Maybe in a month or so if things get better.

There was actually a lot wrong with the video. I’m not talking about the content, but how it is presented.

  • it’s not “cropped” at all. there is black on the sides of the video
  • the transition between the song had a title card in it, which I think is a bad choice.
  • it was edited with movie maker…ehhh I won’t dog you too much for that.
  • there was no SFX.
  • you used “black rain” which was already used and widely known by the meikyousisiu team for using that in Satsujin 2.
  • it looks like the fps (frames per second) was 25 or something. maybe it was 29.97, the computer im’ using is semi-slow
  • it should have been “too” not “to” on that title card. That doesn’t matter that much really…
  • it’s not de-interlaced.
  • and going by the end… 6:30 isn’t all that long of a combo video.

ah it was suppose to look shitty… Thanks for also not reading the first post idoit. I said I purposely wanted it to look plain as fuck. And no idea what combo video your talking about so I dont feel bad about that shrug.

im not really a gg fan and don’t even know whats going on, but i thought the vid was pretty dope

this is my first real look at AC, but damn ky is fucking dope now hahaha

Maybe i dont wanna read a wall of text =/

you should rather include stuff like that in the beginning of the video, cool vid although im not partial for the music