Kuwaiti Players Journal - Road To Tougeki

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Super Battle Opera is coming up, and our great players from Kuwait have traveled to Japan 1 month before the tournament to do some praticing. Maan, one of the major members of the Kuwait fighting game scene, went along to support our 2 contenders for SBO, Ganoon (sakura) and Nox2 (guy).

Maan is writing a Journal and posting pictures and information about the trip, and I thought it would be cool to share with other fighting game enthusiasts because it’s really detailed in talking about Japan, the arcades they’re going it, and the people they’re playing against! They’re playing against lots of big name players in Japan such as Fuudo, Daigo, Mago, and lots others! Here’s a picture that was just posted:

(bottom arcade Maan, mid arcade Nox2, top arcade Daigo)

So check it out cause it’s really an interesting read!


I just read the forum post over on White Tower. Nice read. Seems the guys could at least hold their own against some of the big names too. Will be interesting to see if that transitions into the big tournament! Good luck! :slight_smile:

well, I’m salty and jealous…our “Community” can’t even gather in one Place to play some casuals. all we ever had were ONLINE and it’s laggy as hell :frowning:
I’ve seen Nox2’s Guy Videos and he’s Guy is super good !
i wish them good luck at SBO

Hell yeah Nox2 good luck man!!!

good read, looking forward to the updates…maybe you can spend some time with uryo

best of luck at SBO

Reppin dat Kuwait :wink:

Great read. Good luck at SBO!!!

Oh man this got posted on SRK’s main page! Awesome!!!

Guys, week 2 has been posted! It’s edited into the first post, so check it!


Here’s small clips of our players beasting!

WOAH! Those are BIG streaks to have in consideration that you guys are playing against some of the best (if not the very best)!


A video just go uploaded, Ganoon vs. Ryan Hart. Check it out!!!


Heres another video, this time Nox2 vs. Daigo!


Back in 2009 I did a similar blog. I still go back and re read it and it brings back fond memories. Have fun at SBO!

Week 3 has been posted!!


A pic. Ganoon vs Daigo:

The guys had a lunch with Daigo, Tokido, and Mago, and here’s what they have to say about the Kuwait team this year:

And rare footage of Daigo actually smiling! With a turkish hat on!

Well Kuwait team is out of SBO. They managed to beat a US team Banana Ken/hsien, but then played against Daigo/Iyo right after that. This is the youtube clip:


Our guys are calling fowl @ the SBO organizers. Making us and even the US team play an extra match when there was no proper seeding conducted and no other teams had to do this. Furthermore, they put us against Daigo/Iyo right after that. Some people think its really fishy and guys are saying Maan will go into detail about this soon.

I hope they don’t face any Ibuki’s or a strong Yun

And they get matched up with the best Yun and Ibuki… ouch

Damn Nox2’s Guy took out Hsien Chang and Bananaken alone? I wanna see that shit!

This might be a bit off topic but what’s the food situation like in Japan. Any halal places around? The lunch picture looks like some arabic joint. (or turkish)

Just wanted to give props to Team Kuwait today. You guys played better than any of the other foreign teams despite true beast opponents.

As far as I’ve been told, even the ones that were served alcohol. But this is anecdotal.

This is Maan’s statement about the SBO bracket changes:

I personally don’t know. If you ask on white tower one of the guys should be able to answer.