Kuroda says alex is top tier

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this thread isn’t from roshihikari? WTF???

nah not a chance though.

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I once heard kuroda’ a crackhead

Alex IS top tier baby :slight_smile:

You all just don’t have the faith to stick with him like I would.

People would rather use Ken or anybody else in the Top 8 cause they are easier to use. The easier to use the better advantage they have. Alex isn’t horrible hes just hard to be good with. Thats why I use him. Oh and hes SFIIIs main character. :wink:

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Oh and hes SFIIIs main character. :wink:[/QUOTE
How do you figure?

Well…he does have the most moves…

all the promotional art and how he’s highlighted first in the roster

He sure PLAYS Alex like hes top tier…


[quote=“Ia-Ia-Pazuzu, post:6, topic:50388”]

Oh and hes SFIIIs main character. :wink:
How do you figure?[/quote]

It’s true. I read about it before years ago on how Capcom wanted a new protagonist, he just never caught on. Also, notice that he is on marquee for 3s.

Marquee? The New Generation & 2nd Impact flyer/poster has alex on the cover. http://caesar.logiqx.com/images/flyers/sfiii.png & will get post the other later.

I’ve picked up a serious Alex recently (cause somebody said he sucked) and I can’t see why he’s so low in the tier list. He’s like Makoto with a dragon punch. He takes really good damage and does A LOT of damage and stun. His mixup is one of the most intimidating in the game. You can punish whiffed pokes and most fireballs from WAAY across the screen. Only thing bad about him I think is his size and walking speed. Other than that, Alex is a great character.

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One really good player at Sega Gigo in Tenjin got 30 straight wins with Alex(though he’s good with pretty much any character).

I can believe that Kuroda said he’s top tier.

Alex is pretty good, but his placing in the tier list is pretty fair. His only low poke is his slow sweep, so option parries aren’t too hard at that distance for the opponent. His jump in game isn’t as much as a threat as Dudley’s. On the opponent’s wakeup, if they jump back from a powerbomb, it hurts most of the time. They can basically guess between high and grab, or parry high/jump away with minimal risks.

But he is a good character in a lot of other different ways…they just don’t add up to some of the characters ahead of him in the tier list. I think it is because his lack of opportunities to land them.

alex is really good if you can guess right offensively, like, really, really good.

sadly, that is all he is good at =(

Alex sucks.

Cept when he wins. That’s when he’s good.

I agree that Alex’s normals aren’t nearly as user friendly as Ken or Chun low forward. Maybe I’m misinterpreting what low-tier means, but I really don’t think Alex is so below any other character.

Alex’s jump in is just as scary (if not more than) as Dudley’s. I could explain in detail if you’d like.

Also his low short is a GREAT low poke. It has plus frames on block and you can jab powerbomb immediatly after. If they jump back from anticipation you can ex-knee smash on reaction. If they try to DP or Super Art in between you can parry forward with the first motion of the jab powerbomb and if you get the parry, punish accordingly. If they’re in the corner and they jump… well you have a lot of options from there. Low short even sets up a charge partition, where you can play even more mixups from the air.

I know that’s a lot of “if this and that this if that and this”, but the point is Alex has crazy advantage if he’s on top of you after a knockdown. The only hard part is getting to that position, and Alex has tools to do so.

On knockdown, Alex’s offensive guesses benefit him more than his opponent’s defensive guesses would because of the risks involved. Even with that said, you don’t have to guess.

Well, to keep my opinion short…Alex’s jump-in isn’t as much as a threat as Dudley’s. The main reason being that Dudley has a super from every single one of his jump in options. A late jab leads to only potentially good damage, not instant like Dudley’s late fierce.

As you said, things are situational and there’s a counter to everything, the main reason why he is low tier is because the difficulty of out-playing the opponent is greater.

His defensive options are mediocre at best. Mainly from jump ins. He doesn’t have much to alternate with, and dashing under or away is putting him where he doesn’t want to be.

Sorry for lame explanations, but the only thing I can say is, use him and see if you can take him to another level, since I failed and moving onto SF4. :karate:.

Heh, hopefully I will as I’ll be playing him the next NC tournament. I don’t think anybody believes me at this point but I’ve been practicing him hardcore locally and am fully intent on winning the tournament with him.

If you wanna discuss his options and scenarios I’ll gladly talk about what I know in another thread. :smile: