**KUMITE!** San Antonio's first real tourney RESULTS!


Big thanks to everyone who came and helped to support the scene. I initially expected around 20-30 people but I managed to get a total of 51 players! Whoever brought a TV, I bow to thee:pray: Whoever helped out with the hype and the match calling, mucho gracias. Oh and btw I sprained my wrist the day before this event, and I still ended up playing! Ow my poor arm! Anyways, here’s the results.
Capcom vs SNK 2**

1: Ron-O ($40.00)
1: Gene ($40.00)
3: El Fuerte ($10.00)
4: Gerald
5: Rudy
5: Legendary Goku
7: Juan
7: Skipples
9: J.D.

**3rd Strike
1: J.D. ($91.00)
2: Ron-O ($26.00)
3: STFU ($13.00)
4: Gene
5: Anthony G
5: Spin4U
7: Big Nasty
7: Nick
9: DSH
9: MC Clusky
9: Antzer12
9: Goose
13: Starboy
13: DPAD

(FYI, Starboy couldn’t make it in time, so I more or less DQ’d him both rounds)

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

1: Jim ($70.00)
2: Ronin ($20.00)
3: Super Nacho ($10.00)
4: Gawd
5: Blueprint
5: Homer Pimpson
7: Kompressing
7: Slay Cruz
9: Ron-O
9: Chris J

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1: STFU (Toan) ($168.00)
2: Carnevil ($48.00)
3: Rudy ($24.00)
4: Ron-O
5: Joey H
5: Chris J
7: Luiz
7: PMD
9: Kakarotte
9: Brian
9: Chill Effect
9: Gene
13: HAM
13: Tony
13: Drumliner Joe
13: SDK
17: Big Nasty
17: Adam
17: Zach
17: Rigul
17: Nick
17: Jose A
17: Spin4U
17: A-man
Guilty Gear: Accent Core**

1: PozerWolf ($70.00)
2: Crimson D ($20.00)
3: Ron-O ($10.00)
4: Nick
5: Sky King
5: Rigul
7: MC Clusky
7: Tarzan
9: Jose
9: Benz

Shout outs:

First, I wanna break down what type of players we got:

San Antonio: 19 (:rock:)
Austin: 4 (guess everyone went to MWC :arazz:)
Houston: 10 (:smokin:)
Brownsville: 3 people
Various others: 6
Unknown: 6
J.D**: Congrats on winning 3rd strike (again :tup:)

Toan/STFU: Can’t believe I kept throwing fireballs like a idiot wtf was I thinking:sweat: Oh well I deserve to eat a Chun super for that. Congrats on winning Marvel.

Spin4U: Thanks for housing people and helping to run matches. Now that we’ve finally met, maybe we can get some games in July.
Gene:** Quit beasting! Splitsies in CvS 2 and 4th in 3S. Good shit son.

Carnevil: Funny seeing you two years later. Good job on coming back from loser’s for second place in Marvel. They should have the new Roost done this fall at UTSA, so maybe I’ll start playing Marvel then.

Luiz and the rest of the Valley players: MAVEL BABY! Thanks for coming all the way up to San Antonio. Better post those matches!
Guilty Gear peeps:**

Pozer: thanks for being the #1 hype man yet again and congrats on winning.
Crimson D: nice to meet you. Thanks for the tips. Let’s get some games in next time.
Nick: Bleh Slayer is a bitch to fight. And I had to play you twice at that :wtf: Good games.
Skyking: Thanks for helping me run GG and bringing stuff. Let’s get in more Guilty Gear at UTSA this fall.

Tekken peeps: Jim, Ramir, Super Nacho, Homer Pimpson, and the rest, thanks for coming. Next time bring some PS3’s, I know we can get a better Tekken turnout in San Antonio.

Good games to everyone I played and sorry if I didn’t get a shout out to ya.

Final words from yours truly:

Aight, so I know it was a friggin sardine can. Sorry about that. The owner has a habit of changing the store almost monthly, and this is by far one of his worst layouts. Next time I have something I’m making sure it stays the way it was my Brawl tournament back in April, with much more space.

Now I have a better grasp on how to deal with running multiple games, I’ll divy up the brackets between 2 or 3 laptops so we can keep track of matches easier.

Finally, I am already taking feedback from everyone and I’m shooting for a follow up tournament in August, hopefully before classes start, or actually maybe one week after the first classes (nobody does anything important the first week :china:)

I have someone’s copy of CvS 2. I’m guessing it’s Nem’s or Skip’s, but when we took it out of the PS2, nobody claimed it. If it’s yours, please post.

This is the MC, calling it a night.

Good shit to J.D for holding down 3S.

Wow I won T5DR and I didn’t even go. LOL JK I know it’s probably another Jim.

What happened to ST/AE?


Street Fighter II only had maybe 3 or 4 people express interest. So it never formed.

5 games ran pretty smooth.

Of course, since I plan on dropping that from my main lineup, what would people like to see at the next San Antonio tournament?

Omgad who is this STFU?

gs ronald, jd, and … toan?

yes yes

damn a good amount of ppl for marvel damn shame i couldnt make it. :crybaby:

cant wait to see vids!!

Tournament was fun, good times and good games to everybody I played. slashback -> VV ftw

Yeah, this is mines. We left to get something to eat before CvS2 finished and when I came back GG had replaced it.

Thanks for the tournament! Good games

Hmm k. Whenever is a good time to play some games send me a message and I’ll deliver it to you.

Damn, sorry I couldn’t make it to this. :frowning:

But congrats on Pozer and Crimson Disaster!

thx for holding the tourney.

? Toan and that gene guy were sic.
? Hamm, haha good games

Good shit everyone. Man, “dat boi gerald is holdin’ it doun!” I know he’s talking shit to rudy right now lol. O yea, and toan is kickin’ ya’ll ass! Good shit toan.

good shit guys. MM were the shit. alot of close calls. luiz has all the vids i recorded as well as what he recorded. should be up in a week according to him.

everything went great except the losers finals for mvc2. was quite a bit of confusion amoung the players. but it all turned out well it seems

joeyh was tearing it up in casuals at my place.
gene snores:zzz:
rudy talks cvs2 in his sleep:pray:

somebody spilt a can of soda on my carpet with out telling me!!:bluu:

games didnt end till 6:30am.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Its Ron-O not Ronald :rofl:

anyway… Nice tourney

I dont think I can make it in august cause Im attending EVO :bluu:
but still it was a very nice tournament.

WTF happen Gene… Crazy results…

Good shit toan…but still don’t think ur ready yet…lol


Good job on the tournament!

hey brandon bring me my tv and dreamcast…

my room looks to plain hahahah

good games to the houston players …

joey next play me with your santhrax team hahahaha

Brandon has your DC and TV? Say goodbye to those babies.

And good games everyone. Was badass.

Good tourny, Marvel def. had all the hype. MM’s were the highlight of the night IMO.

Wish I played more MM. Only got 1 in. :bluu:

Thanks for SDK for giving us a place to stay.

Dairy Queen owns my ballz.

That is all.

Damn, sounds like I missed a crazy tournament.