Kugler's insane neko shout-outz + log!

sup nekoz. This is my thread for shout-outs / my EVO log and stuff.

EVO was a blast this year, thanks especially to the fact that this year I was actually in the same hotel as all the other gamers! So, let’s get it started.

60 minute flight with 12 renocrew members = dopest shit on the earth. We were owning up on that SkyMall catalogue when we had to land and get the fuck outta the plane. After melting into my shirt for 20 minutes outside in Vegas death-weather, Renocrew split into 3 parties from the airport, since we couldn’t get the shuttle. After getting a rental car and going inside, I felt like I had fell into a huge puddle of water, it was so hot and muggy outside. :(~ Not good weather for nekoz, lemme tell you.

I got a shower, freshened up and walked around trying to find some people to hang out with, only to find that everyone’s a big noob. I end up wandering around and grabbing food to munch on, and I think stuff happened later on but I can’t remember. Klagie met up with us and we hung out in the room, getting some casual in and having some laughs over the insanity that is Campbell’s Kliff. Let’s just say that Nick Campbell and his monkey-Kliff destroyed absolutely everyone with it’s primate howls.

DAY 2:

Woke up and took a shower, walk down to the main center and fucking a MILLION PERSON LINE IS THERE. EVO’s about an hour late, and I had to work some magic to get inside and stuff. So I snuck in past the crowd and got my badges for everyone and watched some casual / tournament matches. JC met up with Jamarr from Nebraska and challenged him to a money match (a rematch from last year’s in tournament game).

Now, we couldn’t record this match… but if we could, you’d have cried at how awesome this moment was. Mid round, JC throws Jamarr’s Jam into the corner and takes a step back (plant tree), bloodweb. Jamarr blocks low and JC goes overhead -> s.HS -> EXE Beast (FRC) -> c.HS (tree hits) -> TREE LOOP. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Sickest thing I’ve ever seen! 12 hits of madness, and people were like WTF!?

After losing my voice from that, JC won the moneymatch and we resumed recording all of the crazy matches: RF destroying his prelim-pool against boleslaw with nothing but PERFECTS. Seriously, a quadruple perfect. Crazy shit.

Our pools weren’t until later on, and both of the other best players in Reno didn’t make it out of their brackets unfortunately. JC and Nick Campbell made it out in losers, and myself in losers (losing my bracket to KenmastersX). >:O

We finish up the night, but not before Nick Campbell grabs the tripod and makes a make-shift beam-rifle out of it. I guess he saw that our room-mates were Halo 2 kids, and the door was left a crack open. He decides to KICK IN THEIR DOOR WITH THE TRIPOD AND SHOUT “BOOOOOOOOOOM HEADSHOT!” " … Oh, what’s up? I’m your neighbor during EVO. … Oh, you’re a bunch of halo fags." And precedes to run out. The rest of us were crying from laughing so hard, and ended up taping OVER this legendary incident. ;_; FUCK, because that MADE EVO for people!


Semi-finals didn’t start until 12pm, so I woke up late and grubbed on some turkeyburger madness before hopping down and getting to my bracket. My first match was against CheeseMaster from Cali, only to have it switched to Purrin because of a match-up problem (two people from the same area playing each other first round). I beat Purrin in a somewhat close game, and totally high-fived the universe. My next match was DEF from So.Cal, which was really close aswell (friggin’ tickgrab set-ups >:O), but I prevailed once again. The next person I had to play was the winner between one of my best friends (Scott Lockhart / Spirit Juice) vs. Florida Millia Chetan. He lost to Chetan, and I had to get some revenge, since this millia person had defeated both Scott and JC last year! >:O!! So I pulled out some Slayer madness and won again. ^___^~

Then I had to play the loser between Alex Garvin (florida dizzy) and R.F., and I’m sure you can guess who I played… ;_;* I have no dizzy experience, so I scrubbed out pretty hard against turtle dizzy. x_x; My EVO was over, but I got top 17~24th in the bracket. :O! Wooooo! Not bad! The rest of the day for me was playing games up in the room for a while and relaxing with everyone before watching the shitty T5 + 3S 5v5’s. Should’ve just played #R, I guess…


I watched finals all day, from TTT to the end of MvC2 (BEST FINALS EVER), and didn’t give a shit about T5. Met up with some guys and played more #Reload up in the room before heading back down to watch 3S finals. EVO was over, and I decided we needed to wander around outside in the rain before we left EVO. Lemme just say that GVR is one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed at, period. Their pool was the dopest thing on earth!

After Slayer sliding all over the place (no joke!), we headed back to the room and slept while Nick Campbell and the guys went and tripod-ed it up in various other areas.

DAY 5:

Man, EVO’s over… everyone’s leaving and is pretty down that they can’t stay in this perpetual arcade gaming awesomness forever. ;; I wish all gamers could live at GVR all year, and just go room to room and play games all night with random people and not give a fuck! That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! But we left for the airport and went back to Reno, and everyone kinda went their own way. I guess I have to way another 360 days before EVO again. ;;


  • Klaige; you’re definiately a smart player! You were really nervous / underpracticed, so I hope the practice and analysis I gave you helped out a bit. ^^; And some of the random game properties we explored is fun. :smiley: Gimme some usagiz.

  • Stone (aka kenmasterx; ) I want my money back you friggin’ neko! >:O Oh well. ;_; The only money match I did all weekend.

  • Clayton (aka Final Showdown); Sexysexsexsexsexsex. Definiately one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in the gaming scene. Thanks for hanging out with Renocrew and having a blast with us! I appreciate the casuals too!

  • Mike (aka Shadowcharlie); Man, that italian resturant was serious business. It was a blast hanging out with you and playing casual. Your clothes are too sick, and I couldn’t compete. ;_; But I can compete in the nekoz department. You busting out random russian phonecalls is the dopest shit ever. :frowning: I only know how to say VODKA! .__.~ Next year, we’ll DEFINIATELY go shopping. We’ll spend a whole day shopping! gogogogo!

  • Alex P; Mr. BDC bite himself. O_o! Pad slayer and frusterator of universes. I half-expected you to rip off your shirt and become super-man with your hair/glasses combo, shit was raw! Great job at EVO beasting, and good games up in the room! But my turtle-naptime slayer will overcome rushdown-onacid slayer!

  • JC aka Rounin. Man, you’ve hella stepped up your game this year. I could not fucking BELIEVE that you threw out the tree loop in the MIDDLE OF A MONEY MATCH WITH JAMAAR. THAT IS THE SICKEST THING OF EVO IMO FOR #R!!!

  • Nick Campbell aka hah coe. Your fucking Halo room door-kick in was the highlight for all non-gaming at EVO. Also, old-manmonkey Kliff made a million people laugh! If only that could’ve been there instead of the anime. Your Axl is a fucking beast now also! You and JC blew me away with how good you did with SO little practice! Great job again qualifying, both of you guys.


  • Stone (aka kenmasterx); Your Johnny is hella ridiculous. I want my moniez back~! Good job taking me and Cue to losers, you big meanie. ;_;

  • Purrin; Your May is hella tricky. ;_;* Freakin’ iruka~. It was awesome having you stop by the room and hang out with us, even if it was only for a little while. Keep in touch!

  • DEF. Your fucking shoe fashion is too much! I want some of those kicks. Definiately an awesome Eddie, I think I just have too much experience with that match-up. ._.;

  • Chetan’s Millia is definiately a beast, because he’s the reason I had to learn Millia last year because you beat JC’s testament in tournament! But I got revenge. :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping by our room, even if it was for a few minutes. I hope to see you sometime again soon!


  • TDO; Damn, that pipe was serious. O_O! I wish all the magic slayer players could’ve taken EVO over like we were destined, but it’s too much of an Eddie fest out there. T___T I’m sorry I didn’t get your call that night to hang out, I was just hella tired and everything.

  • Zig21; Thank you so much for running the #Reload preliminary brackets! You are such an awesome guy, and I really appreciate you coming up to the room and hanging out with everyone.

  • Spiteful; I don’t think you even played much in the room with everyone, but thanks for stopping by and having fun! It really means alot for people to go out of their way to hang out with renocrew and myself. ^^

  • King Lowtier; You’re friggin’ tall. ;;* Made me feel like a shorty Slayer player! I wish I could’ve hung out with you more, but I just randomly appear and disappear. ..! I will definiately be on the look-out for you in the future and we can get some games in!

  • Jamarvelous; Your fucking Jam is SICK! Great job beating ruiN! You should definiately visit Reno sometime, we’ll get tons of games in!

  • David (aka Cue); You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and definiately would like to hang out with you more often next tournament! Let’s get some Slayer vs. Slayer madness next time! Sorry about not calling you back about the whole casual-in-the-room thing on Saturday night, we were all hella tired and just didn’t really get back into the room until 2am or something. :frowning: I also watched finals on Sunday, so I couldn’t go to your room.

  • Ruin; Gimme your bapes / NikeSB’s, punky! >:O And your Louis Vuitton bag~

  • Anyone else I missed, please don’t take it the wrong way! T_T; I was really in a bad mood the first two days of EVO because of stress / being exhausted / shitty weather. :frowning:

Thanks for the Beast Job !

I wish I could of gotten more games with you in your room, but we were all tiredly silly. AIM me up sometime.

Finally met the Kugz, and it was something, your slayer is a beast O_O i gotta learn to bite like you n’ Alex. I’ll have to hit up Reno sometime and steal your tricks and show you some of mine :wink:

EDIT: This is TDO posting.

To the motherfucking Moon.

k00giez <3 Fashion police

fun times for everyone, yeah, i wish we got a chance to play more, but shit, that was a funny ass night, listening to dr. b’s tape and random bugs from FS, fun times indeed

nonon the phrase i popularized is “TO SPACE!” anyone from socal knows wtf im talking about.

I was hunting you down at EVO to try and get you to bet it… but it didn’t happen. :sad:

Next year, son!

Good to meet you :tup: