KS2 weakly scambat season starts now!

Well we at Keystone feel that we need to bring back the 2$ dollar tourny season. This time the progress will be documented and posted throught the season. We will be holding them for Street fighter and Tekken! Entering the tourney is mandatory for at least one if you decide to be at Keystone. The format is as follows!:wow:

6 scambats will be held in total.

Points will be rewarded for 1st 2nd and 3rd place

Half of the proceedes go to Keystone 2 for future funding of moniters/parts/games …etc. Winner gets the other half.

Grudge matches are encouraged and will be rewarded points once a scambat and for a minimum of 5 dollars (minimal points given). So if you miss some you can still call out people and make a stunning comeback:wow:

Final scambat will be for enhanced points!:wow:

Small prizes will be given out for winners of scambats and a special grand prize for the overall winner!

Sorry this event is not open for everyone, due to space limitations they will not be very large and mostly regulars and randoms.:wow:

Only one character throughout the tourney, 2/3 double elim. Round robin if numbers are under 8.

The first event is Tomorrow!:wow: If you cant make it, worry not there will be plenty of opportunities to win. See you guys there:wow:


Awesome! Anyone who’s not a reg and wants to get in on this better speak up fast. Space is limited.

Go Go Go

If this is something i would want to do but can’t come tomorrow is that a problem?

What time is this starting at?

“weakly” Magus? Freudian slip?

Interested, what time though?

I’m in it to win it shawty!:wow:


Albert, I’m bringing that mighty mighty Guinness if you don’t oppose!

Quoting this… I have finals until next Friday :frowning:



Will the be casuals in all sorts of other games? If no I’d still like to show up and bucks towards getting my ass kicked, and then we drink.

eh, i can’t make it this weekend, but if i can get in later weeks, i can bring beer.


if you guys run any other sf games aside from sf4 i want in

Albert, I’m going to bring two other players with me (SF4 most likely)! You know the bizzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Guinness all day!

I’m down. I’ll toss my 2 bucks in on SF4…that fucking non-Super Turbo piece of crap…

blah blah blah…

I am interested but I can’t come today :frowning:

Doors open at 8, Scambat will start 10ish.

There is a CVS2 machine and a 3S machine but the focus is on SF4 and T6.

This is for SF4 and T6, Sorry

…We are now overbooked. List Closed PMs sent to interested people for tonight. Also, please specify for which game or both.

Thank you

haha Two-Dollar-Andry running a two dollar tourney :smiley:

damn. 4 and tekken? :frowning:
sign me up as Maobye in both :frowning:

MaoBYE and his weird ass Breakfast Jack with grilled onions… WEIRDO!