Kotaku takes a peek at the history of EVO

:rofl: which one of you posted this?

Kotaku’s opinions are about as well-formed as the hair around my anus, and about as relevant.

NINJA EDIT - No pics. Perverts.

NOT SO NINJA EDIT - Too swift for you SK. :bgrin:

Let’s see how this one goes.

Also, in before ‘Kotaku sucks’, ‘Kotaku isn’t a worthy news source’, and the inevitable Sep post, which may or may not contain both of those comments.

Haha well, it seems the majority of the posters respect EVO. I am just curious, when did this “SRK, we da best” thing start? It looks like it’s going the way of the stairs joke…

EVO and Kotaku are two words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

You think they know how much the majority of this community hates Kotaku, lol?

I’m new around here, so sorry for not knowing this buy why does the majority of the community around here hate Kotaku?

"EVO is extremely respectable, reputable, and awesome, whereas Kotaku is extremely gay."
What about that?

I liked this comment the best:

“Here’s a sausage fest that would make Jimmy Dean blush.”

I think it started in a Smash hype thread. Vicious Slash started saying it and it caught on.

mavhel guys going nuts,lol

The comments… some are loltastic.


Kotaku is cool.

Except when Mr. Editor In Chief tries to tell me that X-Arcade has excellent arcade components vs Sanwa sticks.


LOL, X-Arcade is truly the “Bose” of arcade sticks.