Korean Joystick Hole Size

I wanted to confirm the hole diameter needed to install a korean stick. Acouple ppl said 35mm but i wanted to confirm before i start putting holes in my cp. Throwing a Kstick into a t5 hori case.

I can confirm for you, 35mm is correct.

Just throwing in a confirmation in case you’re still apprehensive on 35mm.

Thanks guys, now i can get started on it

Also, i doubt it but is there a way to keep the ps home option if i delete the L buttons. Can i run a select button from the pcb and then put a button on the back of the stick running a wires from select, L1 and L2 on the pcb to the newly made home button?
Im doing this swap for a friend of mine and he wants 6 buttons and a home

Honestly it depends on the PCB, there not enough info to say. I think a PCB swap might be easier.

Oh and make sure to check this thread out for more info