Korea SFxTK Tournament

Hi. I’m CL korean SFxTK player.

I want to do many communication with many players. :smiley:
but my english skill is bad :frowning:

I play fun SFxTK and SSF4AE
So, We make a team named InterColo
InterColo is Fighting game Event Team like Godsgarden.

And last saturday, we did SFxTK tournament.


Guest seats. We did Tournament in Najin Empire Tekken Pro game Team’s Event hall.


Stage. We can see gamer’s playing with projector


Left man is CEO of IST solution that Joystick company is InterColo’s Sponser.
Right is me :smiley:


Tournament’s Winner is Infiltration.
Good Rolento and Ryu.

And I upload some tournament’s video on this post
If you want more video, follow InterColo’s Homepage



CL vs Shinji840

Grand Final
Mr.bigjang vs Infiltration

This thread may serve better in the regional matchmaking section. Watching Infiltration’s match right now.