KomboKaze Theme Shop

Hello im Kombokaze , and I’m on some Bob the builder ish… so I will have slots open to make custom themes,custom icons,custom sounds, and custom backgrounds for your very own ps3

Lastest work:

I will be only take 3 at a time

1.Adam Warlock (Brother frm nutha mutha)
2. ShoTheEmcee

Post Up.

I’ll get in on this if you don’t mind. :tup: What do you need from me?

Ok thanks you reminded me what I need from yall ok

First I need color (color of theme )

Then I need a idea on what Kinda Icons you want

Then need a idea on bg you want

Lemme know if you have an HD tv or reg SD just in case I need to make HD jpgs

and If you want a sound
also the name of the theme

Download my theme for example of all this

Whadup Kombo, I got even better AC’s now lol. I’ll have to get you hip on what’s good in PF tho, you seem out of your element.

But yea I’m down for some custom themes. The ones I download usually switch wallpapers on me randomly and sometimes I like the change and sometimes I don’t.

1 more slot to fill , when slots fill I will pm yall details , I will send a


i’m down, are you able to put any sound you want.

Ok slots full ,yes I can put in any VAG(sound fmt) file .I will send PMs shortly

Ayo Kombo I thought of somethin. I want a Joe Mad theme. Like different shit he’s done. Like the ninja turtles stuff he did, maybe a battle chasers cover. When I find some stuff I’ll let you know.

Now back to GoP.