KOFXI help.

Im a pretty advanced mvc2 player but i’m new school fightin game player and just picked up KOF i already read the wiki srk about the game but i wanna know more with characters like King, or Benimaru if anyone knows of a website that’d be cool. thanks

There’s a big thread on this subforum where you can ask things. http://shoryuken.com/f308/new-king-fighters-xi-compendium-thread-185810/

I also visit Orochinagi.com. :: orochinagi • View forum - The King of Fighters XI

Thanks a lot man what is your team, who do you think in your opinion is top tier.

Top Tier is Kula, Gado, Oswald (set as leader), some would add Kim, and if you’re playing Console add EX Kyo in there as well. Though if you bother to read the thread or website he linked you, you’d find some tier lists.

Interesting in that KOF XI is often called the “Marvel” of SNK.

Don’t forget to watch Dandy J’s tutorial. Although it uses KOF 98 as a template, most of the stuff is KOF fundamentals which apply to XI as well:


I’m really confused on the super cancel combo part i see people doing DHC’s in top play matches, i’m wondering how they are linking it don’t seem as easy as marvel… i’m tryin to get a grasp on it but still not completely understanding the game engine yet.

Also, what is LDM, SC, DM, and SCB.

Welcome to KOF.

LDM = leader’s super move - Every character in the game gains one additional super move if they are selected as leader. i.e in Kyo’s example, its the Kamikura (HCB x 2 + E)

SC - super cancel - just like in marvel, when you cancel a special move into a super move (i.e kyo’s DP into his flame punch super which is QCF x 2 + punch)

DM - Desperation move. Just kof terminology for super move.

SCB - not sure about this one…

SCB=Shining Crystal Bit=Athena’s Orbs Super???

It may help if you post some of the videos you are watching and any or all questions you have about it.

Also KOFXI doesn’t have DHC in the same sense as Marvel.
You CAN tag characters in during a combo using “Quick Shift”, which you can use by pressing Two Punches or Two Kick for the cost of one skill stock to tag out to one of your partners during any attack that makes contact.


At about 3:38 features one of the most dynamic uses of Quick Shifting I’ve ever seen.
The Adelheid player uses his super to cross-up the incoming Kim, and then quickshifts to his partner Gato who is able to attack Kim from behind.
This is sort of analogous to Guardbreaks or Mix-ups on incoming characters like in Marvel.

Also at 5:38 you can see Kim QS to K’ as a set-up to his Double LDM corner combo.

In fact, just watch the whole video, because the matches are fucking awesome.

good shit man thanks this really helps i think i’m gonna alter my team to Terry, Kim, K, instead of Terry, King, Kim, i was thinking of starting terry is it possible to do terry’s LDM with the guard break strategy? also does anyone know of a guide that has just a giant list of combos, or atleast the BnB’s i think im gonna gonna work on these 3 characters at the moment.

Check out my first post of the KOF XI Compendium Thread:


KOF XI BnBs^^^^

As for Terry’s LDM, it’s has too much start-up time to be comboed by anything other than a Super or Dream Cancel, so you’re better off trying to mix-up an incoming opponent into a BnB into a Super or Dream Cancel into LDM if you have the meter and skill stocks.

good shit thanks a lot for your help again man i got a grasp on all my teams BnB’s just tyrin get fancy now i’ve always been a rushdown style so im tryin see what flows right with Terry, Benimaru, and Kim. i got the can with Benimaru’s qcbx2 d, super i cancel to Kim and do his dash a attack i know i can do a lot more jus tryin get the feel though.

If you are really interested in joining the KOF community, go to dreamcancel.com

yeah kind of am really has potenial to get made hype in my area

keep training, kof xi is kinda awesome imho :smiley: